In this case the emotion practically assumes all the control of the human behavior. But we cannot forget that we are saying of administration and businesses, then we go to think of the following form: 1? Architects and Engineers had made its part, that is: TO ENCHANT the customers; 2? Teams of sales had also made its part, that is: TO MOVE the customers; 3? Somebody has that to make the finishing that is: FIDELIZAR these customers. Gerald Weissmann, MD usually is spot on. FIDELIZAR Fidelizar CUSTOMERS the customers is an obligator strategy for the companies in any area in this age of globalization. You are certain that its competitors are always thinking about making something different to conquer new customers and to remain with the current ones? He would not be excellent to have customers you read and that its same company in difficult times remained faithful? When we use services of a doctor, lawyer or a workshop mechanics, and well we were treated, and the installment of the services was excellent, is felt well. when these professionals return in them, to know as we are, and which the degree of our satisfaction. This does not have price. If you have read about Richard Linklater already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Immediately we indicate the friends. To give services of quality to the customers must be priority in any segment, and the trend of these customers is to continue with these companies. The satisfaction of the customer will bring to it rewards. In such a way anger to fidelizar the current customers and will bring new. ALL LIKE WELL TO BE TREATED? CREDIBILITY IF CONQUEST Due to great competitiveness in the market, some companies work with system CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that it means the Management of Relationship with the Customer.


Benchmarking drift of the Benchmark word, that wants to say espionage, that was used for the first time in World War II, due to great armament search, that is, when an armament or strategy was traced for one of the sides in the battle, the other searched to discover and to neutralize the actions of the enemy. For Chiavenato (2004): Benchmark means an excellency standard who must be identified, be known, be copied and exceeded. It can be internal (of another department, for example) or external (a competing company). The Benchmark serves as reference guide. To understand itself what it wants to say this small espionage, we must bring for the reality that surrounds in them. Let us say that you are an entrepreneur of a small company in the city of Formosa-GO, and has the dream to see its company to grow and to be leader in the market.

Entrepreneur is the individual that possesss an attitude of fidget, ousadia and proactivity in the relation with the world. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gerald Weissmann, MD offers on the topic.. This position, conditional for personal characteristics, the culture and the environment, favors creative and ccomplishing the interference, in the way, resulting in economic and social profits. To be enterprising means, above all, the capacity to carry through new things, to put in practical proper ideas. entrepreneur, in general, is motivated by the auto-accomplishment and the desire to assume responsibilities and to be independent. It considers irresistible the new enterprises and always considers creative ideas, followed of action. But, for this, it is important that you define the objective of the business, what you intend to make to develop it. Which the results that you intend to reach. To analyze the conditions of the market, that one that you take care of today and that one that it intends to take care of in the future. Its position in relation to its competitors and its suppliers clarifies which.

Antonio Carlos Same

She follows above a simulation with an edge 10% in the reduction of the costs in relation to the purchase of parts for maintenance, where a reduction of R$ 32,250 can be noticed, 45 to the year. So that the company obtains to get a reduction in its costs of purchase of parts, the same one must start creating a new wallet of suppliers, prospectando new business-oriented chances. According to Antonio Carlos de Paula (2010, P. 43), ' ' The increasing complexity technological of the fleet he has been one of the responsible factors for stimulating the transporters to adhere to them you contract of maintenance or ace guarantees estendidas.' ' For this she is necessary to create programs of allegiance with suppliers of parts and accessories so that it obtains, through partnerships, a price reduction. With the implantation of the plan of preventive maintenance, the company will be capable to identify possible damages before exactly that they come to aggravate itself. According to Emerson Alves Da Silva, mechanic of the company in study, can itself be prevented great damages with the implementation of the preventive maintenance; some examples would be: to verify the water hose of the radiator that is in charge cooling the engine, therefore a time that the same one if breaches, cracks or pierces, the engine if overheats and can come to cast. Another example would be the verification of the canvases of brakes, therefore if the same one to arrive at the end and will not be detected, the skid of the brake will go to damage the drum, being then necessary to change beyond the brake canvases tambores generating one well bigger cost of what of normal. Adding the part and fuel economy that the company in study will be able to get in the next period in case that she programs the plan of preventive maintenance, the same one will reduce its cost in R$ 50,150 approximately, 35 to the year, this on the basis of a simulation of reduction in 10% on of the existing costs already with maintenance and fuel.

Location To Company

According to Martins (2009 p.351), ' ' The Daily one is an obligator book of the trader. It is escriturado in the system of double entries, of debits and credits. The launchings are made daily or monthly, being closed the rocking in the end of exerccio' '. The Daily book registers all day-by-day the carried through operations, that they can modify the patrimonial situation of the company. Get more background information with materials from Gerald Weissmann, MD. Beyond the Daily one, another obligator book is book of Book for the registration of trade bills, as art. 19 of the Law n 5.474/68. The too much books as not obligator Box, Count-Chain and Razo are assistant and. For Fazzio Jnior (2007), ' ' The bookkeeping is the x-ray of the company and therefore the law imposes to the entrepreneur the duty to keep the bookkeeping in sequence.

' ' Therefore, with the information of the ways of bookkeeping, they have been given crucial for the good performance of the company. In agreement Martins (2009), the fiscal bookkeeping is under responsibility of qualified accountant. The technician in accounting can bookkeeping and sign rockings, however he cannot make auditorship, exclusive task of the accountant. The accountant is responsible for all this fiscal sphere, with the duty to present the Daily Rockings and of the company and to sign them with the entrepreneur together. Of this form, the important quo is observed is the efetuao of the register. Beyond practising the activity of legal form and having corporate entity, that is, recognized as company, the entrepreneur gets a control of all thus the activities of its company, providing more necessary information and helping to reach the objective biggest, that is the growth of its business. 21 4.2.1 commercial Point: Law of Location To if establishing, one of the main concerns of the entrepreneur is its localization. Nor always the entrepreneur acts in a proper point, and rents a property to carry through its activities.


It thinks on the future of the business, where if it wants to arrive, as it is gone until there, as to more quickly go, what to make and what to prevent, during the way, to prevent uncertainties and risks. For this you need a tool that will allow it to get valuable information on the market, to interpret and them correctly them. This business-oriented tool is the Plan, where it can create and follow a logical and practical cronograma that it makes possible that you insert the most diverse data on its business and of the market which you are inserting. As for example, you can place in the paper the goals that she desires reaches long and the short-term one. Swarmed by offers, Gerald Weissmann, MD is currently assessing future choices. thus, you will be able to invest of conscientious form and to prevent a presumption damage. But what it is Benchmarking? According to Camp (1997), it is a process that must be made of continuous form to measure the practical ones, merchandises and the services given for the competitors whom more they are distinguished in the market, that is, it would be a made analysis to identify to the rightnesss and the imperfections of the competitors. still Spendoline (1993), apud Chiavenato (2004) adds that: The Benchmarking is a continuous and systematic process of research to evaluate products, services, processes of work of best the recognized companies as representative of the practical ones, with the intention of organizacional perfectioning. This similarity between Camp and Spendoline in the alert one on the error to visualize this process as modismo, and to facilitate the understanding is Heading: Picture I However, Chiavenato (2004) affirms that: ‘ ‘ Benchmarking is the process to locate Benchmarks in the market, to analyze them, to learn with them e, if possible, ultrapass-los’ ‘ it does not have passed experiences, then it will use of external experiences.

The Management

Phase of control: The phase of control of the project follows and the execution step by step. Of the origin the retouchings and adjustments in the planning original look for to keep the target of the diluted project being in the diverse specific managements, but it is co-ordinated by the control of changes, important process of the management of the integration. 2.4 So that it serves the Management of Projects? The Management of Projects if became indispensable for the organizations in the measure where effectively contribuim for the organizacionais results of the one not to think about Management of Projects unleashed of the business-oriented objectives of the organizations. All to be expended effort has not only felt to contribute for the objectives strategical of the organizations. Therefore the Management of Projects has that to deal with all the chain of management of projects. For Valeriano (2001, p.122), ' ' a project is organized with an objective that consists to execute a set of actions that must be come back toward an only resultant that is the product of projeto' '. The management of projects demand a cycle of phases that involve analysis, strategy and planning, execution and management and control.

The ticket for these stages confers many benefits for all the involved parts. Second, PROJECT MANAGEMENTINSTITUTE, (2004, P. 5). ' ' a project is a temporary exclusive effort undertaken to create a product, service or resulted exclusivo' '. For the controlling of projects, one generates support to the better decisions and sharing of practical. For the high management, compatibility of the proposals with the reality, generation of useful and trustworthy information and control on the portflio of projects. Already for the customer, increase of satisfaction, reduction of risks and retrabalhos and guarantee of the quality. for the organization, finally, has the alignment of the projects with the strategies of the company, rise of the knowledge, greater profitability and improves in the general performance.

Administration Companies

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE As if to make to understand the importance of the System of Management in the administration of an organization not only thinking about certificaoHow of understand the importance of the Management System administration of an organization not only in thinking certificationRenato Beserra Da Silva, Specialist Engineering of the Integrated Quality, University Nine of July, UNINOVE 01156-050, So Paulo, SP email: renatobds@ Claudineia Helena Recco, Master, University Nine of July, UNINOVE 01156-050, So Paulo, SP, (11-91015540). Email: clau_recco@ ResumoAps years acting in the area of the quality, and ahead of some examples of successes of companies that exactly not having no type of certification in some type of system, if keeps forts and leaders in the market. Not yet they are seen in the obligatoriness of if having implemented a system of management with the objective of if getting a certificate. This article sample that the certification, whichever, is a natural consequence of if working with quality taking care of itself the applicable legislaes and norms for its area of business. Many times companies as being a ghost the implantation of a system, whichever, therefore directly intervenes with the day the day of a company and many times considered as requisite of a customer, who wants to see the certificate, and for times she is felt in the obligatoriness to implement it to take care of to this requirement, losing itself the agreement of the program of which she is implanting, not valuing the powerful tool that has in its hands for its administration and for consequence, the continuous improvement. Words Keys: Quality; System of Management, Organization and Administration. AbstractAfter years working in quality, and before several examples of successes of companies that not even having any kind of certification, adds type of system, remains strong and market leaders. Although not seen in the you have implemented management system certified.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence in the companies comes of practical and the knowledge Military and governmental intelligence. The community of enterprise intelligence brought obtains a set of concepts and vises comings throughout the centuries. Checking article sources yields Gerald Weissmann, MD as a relevant resource throughout. One of the classics that serve as example is Chinese military SUN TZU that lived in century IV, considered ' ' pai' ' of Intelligence. Of its workmanship, ' ' Treated on the Art to the Guerra' ' , diverse stretches are presented that point out the importance of if having a project of Intelligence. One of them is mentioned to follow: Your enemy knows and knows you it proper you; if you will have one hundred combats to stop, one hundred times will be victorious. If you ignore your enemy, and you know you exactly, your possibilities to lose and to earn they will be identical.

If you ignore at the same time your enemy exactly and you, you will only count your combats for your defeats (TZU, 2006, p. 41.). Generating intelligence Market of Chances Is importantssimo it company to effect the accompaniment of the market, but many of them for diverse factors or until lack of knowledge on the necessary quo are the monitoramento, finish leaving this practical for second plain. The development of intelligence in a company is extremely lucrative for its business, being that, to the measure that the competitors or the prices go increasing, these studies demonstrate to optimum route at that moment, making possible an ample vision, to prevent damages and or to anticipate it the new events. Gomeses and Braga (2001, p.28) define it the Competitive Intelligence or of Market as being ' ' result of analyzes of data and collected information of the competitive environment of the company that will go to base the decision taking, therefore generates recommendations that consider future events and reports to not only justify last decisions. .