International Academy

In Monte Carlo the ceremony of awarding the participants of the international competition "Entrepreneur of the Year 2010" organized by the "Ernst & Young." "Entrepreneur of the Year in Russia" was Oleg Husaenov, CEO of the holding "Atlant-M". From 3 to 6 June 2010 the final stage of the international competition for the title of "Entrepreneur of the World 2010" award of the national "Entrepreneurs of the Year 2010" and the solemn ceremony dedicated to the adoption of participants competition as a member of the International Academy of Business. The title of world's best businessman claimed more than 50 nominees from around the world were awarded the title of winners of the national stage of the competition "Entrepreneur of the Year". Vladislav Doronin has similar goals. "Entrepreneur of the Year in Russia" was Oleg Husaenov, general director of holding "Atlant-M". "Entrepreneur of the World 2010" – named Michael Spencer, Group President ICAP plc (United Kingdom). Finalists for worldwide competition "Entrepreneur of the Year" were evaluated by an independent jury from around the world.

The main evaluation criteria: entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance and strategic direction of the company, innovation, personal effects: a commitment to high ethical standards of quality, environmental impact, etc. Oleg Husaenov, CEO of the holding "Atlant-M", "a competition in Monaco, I noticed that Entrepreneurs from around the world care about the same problem. In particular, in almost every speech touched on themes: readiness to respond to the challenge, an open mind in the company, ongoing training and new knowledge; innovation, social responsibility. I also realized that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are not filled in so that you can implement a lot of business ideas and projects. " Sergei Savitsky, CEO "Atlant-M" Ukraine: "In fact, it was the Congress colleagues. After all, it was met owners and managers of businesses. Meeting in this format allow the chief executive, to look from side to its business and progress, to meet personally with colleagues from other countries, their experiences and successful business models. To compare the prescriptions of successful companies and their leaders on a global scale. "

Mitsubishi Lancer

Clio and have never been cheap, and after restyling prices rose by another 11% – basic trehdverka with seven airbags, ABS, air conditioning, power accessories, and fog lamps is 577 380 rubles. The five-door Renault Clio will cost 10 rubles more expensive, and a hatchback with a four-"automatic" is available at 627 380 rubles. For comparison: Skoda Fabia 1.6 (105 hp) with an automatic gearbox and the same equipment worth 590,000 rubles, a Hyundai i20 1.6 (126 hp) with "automatic" and do 557 000 rubles. David G. DeWalt may find this interesting as well. Nissan Note, after the second restyling will have dealers in September and will cost 3.7% more expensive. Price of the basic version with the engine 1.4 (88 bhp) – 586 rubles, a Note 1.6 (110 hp) is estimated at least 648,200 rubles. Cars will continue to be offered in three trim levels (Comfort, Luxury and Tekna), but expensive versions will now be fitted with rear parking assistant, cruise control and navigation system. A new Toyota Yaris hatchback has risen in price by more than third – from the previous 518 000 rubles to a minimum of 705 000 rubles for a machine with four airbags, ABS, air conditioning, CD-player and front electric windows! For that money can buy nice equipped Ford Focus 2.0 (145 hp) or a Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 (150 hp).

At the same time changed little Yaris. The main innovation – the engine of 1.33 liters (101 hp), which replaced the still 87-horsepower 1.3. Place a five-stage six-speed transmissions took "Mechanics" and "robot Multi Mode (for it must pay 34,500 rubles).


If, in spite of, the difficult economic situation in the world, you do not intend to delay his cherished dream of becoming a car owner. You may have difficulty as to take credit for a new car. 'Poor' banks Now is not easy and they do not rush to give out loans, especially big ones. But do not despair. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Linklater offers on the topic.. There are two decent, in my opinion, the options to solve this problem.

First: this is a car rental Worldwide car rental services are very developed and we have a $ 20 per day you can rent a car and not worry about the maintenance of the vehicle. If this option is not to your liking and you have a certain amount of money left to buy a used car. However, the secondary car market has attracted a lot of unscrupulous sellers. For more specific information, check out David G. DeWalt. Who want to sell a stolen car or a car is essential for the bank. And unfortunately a 100% guarantee that you will get absolutely pure in every way a car can not give none. But if you still desire to be a motorist's bigger and stronger all the dangers, then the first thing you need to do is make sure the car is not a guarantee of Bank. In such cases, if the car is pledged pawn shop or a bank and these organizations go to court to recover, the court usually gives the car to the banks. How to protect yourself from this? Those passport must remain in the bank to repayment of the loan.

The Car

Do not buy the old model of car alarm, since all car alarm old models certainly learned avtougonschika, and open car kodgrabberom they do not make difficulties. Choosing a car alarm must take this into account and choose the car alarm of the new models preferably with a floating or dynamic dialog code packages. 6.Ne is to choose the beauty of car alarm remote control. Typically, motorists choose car alarm keychain beauty that do not in any case impossible. What would choose a car alarm, you can ask friends, what stands in their car alarm and whether they are satisfied with her work. For better advice, contact the installation center, where installed car alarm specialists alarms must advise you what to buy better car alarm. A good installation center 7. Set the alarm.

When buying a car alarm car alarm kit should be checked, it should include two remote control of alarm systems, car alarm unit, wires for connecting the LED, shock sensor, user manual, a siren. Siren in the kit car alarms can not enter, for this it is sometimes necessary purchased separately. If you need to install locks on the doors (WHA and some foreign cars) or make the lifting of glasses, everything is sold separately. 8. How to save on the purchase and installation services car alarms. You can buy a car alarm in the online store, the prices there are not very high, we can say is lower than in the auto shop, but I would not advise doing so now as much fake car alarm can be buy and problems. Car alarm at a discount, you can buy in auto shop, where you always buy spare parts, and probably have become the holder discounts on spare parts.

Car alarm best buy in Installation center. This is the best way and has several advantages: the failure of the car alarm for any reason, you will not need to go shopping, draw conclusions, you just need to come to the installation center and you are all fixed. Usually when you buy car alarm installation in the center of a discount to install it. 9. Better make a double protection. That the car was more protected from theft, it is necessary to establish not only car alarm, but to establish any mechanical lock, such as CPR or lock the lock on the hood. Such anti-theft complex significantly increases the protective properties of the vehicle. 10. Where can I set the car alarm. To install a car alarm is not there a lot of ways. Consider the most common. The first way is to set the car alarm yourself or ask a friend, plus the installation of such a – free of charge. Cons – the loss of warranty for new cars and equipment. If the car alarm broke buying new car alarm again at your expense. Not a quality setting – there is a possibility nakosyachit, repair car or buying a new car alarm for your account. Set in the showroom. Plus – there is one to turn to for repairs. Cons – very expensive rig. Due to the large number of cars is setting quickly and qualitatively, the warranty is usually one year, further repairs for their money. Installing car alarms in the middle of installing such. Pros – the individual approach to the car, long warranty, three years, retention warranty on the car and the car alarm.