Competition Works For Male Rituals

Career women online-survey: shy away from women the competition? According to the online survey by are more than 30 percent of think that women reject competition, because he works for male rituals. If it were so, then that might explain why women have less opportunity than men. Lack of competition will could explain the differences in content between the sexes, says Matthias Sutter, Professor of experimental economics, in an interview with Women in contrast to their male colleagues shy away from competition, asked in an online survey. The clear answer is Yes with 75 percent of the votes. The most mentioned reason: Girls are not educated as boys to competitive behaviour.

The differences may have biological/genetic roots, says Matthias Sutter, head of the study “Gender differences in competition emerge early in life” at the University of Innsbruck. already reported in Back’s blog about the study. To the Environment of the study here the interview: Mr. Sutter, there are already studies that came to the same conclusion. Can you give me the key from your point of view? Sutter: Is the “same” result of other studies that there is a gender difference in the willingness to enter into the competition (such as computational tasks). The most important reference to is Niederle, Muriel, and Lise Vesterlund. 2007?Do women shy away from competition? Do men compete too much?.? Quarterly journal of Economics 122: 1067-1101. This study is based on experiments with University students.

What distinguishes your study from the others? Sutter: Our study characterised by, that we have studied these different willingness to expose oneself to a competition, for a very wide age range in childhood and young age (i.e. 3 to 18 years old). There are some few studies, who also did something similar with young people, but only in a very limited range and age with never more than 2 years difference. We have 15 Years of our most recent to the oldest. There is also no study has looked at children under 8 years of age for such a task. There is evidence, why little girls not to competitive behaviour be raised? Sara: Not by my side. Checking article sources yields Vladislav Doronin as a relevant resource throughout. Who should take the appropriate measures to your opinion? Sutter: Our results are compatible with two versions of the Declaration. Firstly, these gender differences identified by us in the first three years of life can arise through education. Secondly, the differences can have “simple” biological/genetic roots. (Third, it can be of course a combination of 1 and 2.) If the causes are clear, you can deliver clear recommendations about who should take the appropriate measures. At this stage we can say quite sure yet, that it would be good, early on, so give some encouraging feedback on their performance girl – in the school -, so she their “value” right assess learning. This shortcoming from young years is forever or learns the woman from experiences? Sutter: Experience almost certainly plays a big role. There is yet no evidence from longitudinal studies, whether these attitudes to the competition over the years (in the extreme case of childhood to the pension) do not change. That would be an exciting next project.

Ebam Academy

End of June it is again so far at the locations of Munich, Berlin and Hamburg sweat Weiterbildungswillige in marketing and management courses. Event management, culture and music management that are the topics covered in the summer academies. Employees from marketing departments and event agencies, cultural institutes and cultural associations as well as independent event manager and music industry professionals to hear the opportunity in five weeks compact a wide range of experts from the industry to individual topics and to benefit from their practical experience. And then there are the professionals and executives who intensively prepare the IHK examination to event specialist (Chamber of Commerce) or economic specialist (IHK) in three months! On the 27th of June we go! More information is available on or also as detailed advice by telephone in Munich Tel. 089 – 54 88 47 91 Berlin Tel 030 – 20 60 50 93 Hamburg Tel 040 54 75 27 01 the waiting time until then sweetened the ebam Academy with a special Tidbits: Among all interested parties who to befriend till 31.05.2011 ebam-profile on Facebook or join our official Facebook group, a brand new iPad2 will be raffled! Ebam profile can be found at the following link: de-de.facebook.

Stamp Make Using Templates On The Internet

Stamp design according to their own ideas themselves doing the self-inking stamp made of plastic or metal are used in the Office mainly for the printing of addresses, date or the marking of files. This is mainly attributable to the practical operation. In private or official seals the wood stamp in round or rectangular form are still used. Because users offer primarily individual imprints with the purpose stamp, stamp dealer the stamp itself turn on. Design options for the stamp body image and the inscription are regardless of the type of stamp, which means each stamping is possible on a wooden, metal or plastic stamp. Different coloured prints are an exception. You are only with the Selbstfarbe multi color devices possible and not with a wooden stamp. Most stamp models made of plastic or metal stamp plates not are firmly connected, but only pinched or pushed with the stamp body.

You have therefore the possibility to change the plate without having to buy a new stamp. Also, some manufacturers make stamp where the pillow and thus the color replace themselves. All stamp types, attaching a company logo design is possible on the handle. Self-inking are aufdruckbar these designations in height of the stamp pad. Set the stamp image online stores that offer several stamps for sale, provide their customers with a convenient service available with which you can make a stamp itself in a few minutes.

This is an extensive menu available after the selection of the stamp made of metal, wood or plastic. It includes among others a text box for entering different stamp fonts, the font size selection, as well as adding pictograms. Partly, the dealer clipart or other small pictures for the embossing makes available. Thanks to the input options, which are similar to the menu of a normal Textverarbeitungsprogrammes, font sizes and font styles are changeable. Continue to include Processing options centering, left – or right-aligned setting of the text, as well as highlighting with italic or bold. Who has already exact ideas of the coinage and wants a combination of text and image, can be the specifications for the stamp on your own PC. In the shop there is the option to upload files, this file format does not matter. The upload feature allows the insertion of specially-created logos or images and users must be confined to the written offer and the pictogram of the provider. The cost of the stamp plate focus mainly on the size of the text.

German Educational

Education estate agents – a new profession conquered Germany Dresden, 08.03.2011 – education is the most important asset which can purchase a person in life. The present-day German education system but is a maze, which is in no way meet the current requirements. Confusing offers and lack of transparency are the order of the day. Finally, this condition ensures that the private education market in Germany is discovered slowly as a market for sustainability and growth. At the same time, the private education market but also a billionaire market, which offers a variety of new job prospects doesn’t matter whether main or sideline. Extensive research has shown that recognized the need for a good education of the majority of the population in Germany.

The demands increase rapidly after investment in their own education. To know more about this subject visit Kindle Direct Publishing. The biggest problem for all seekers, however, is that they find no personal and independent educational consultant on-site, they can use to confidently talk about their educational goals. The regional local education agency closes this gap in the advice and acts as the education consultant on-site education desired by all. The learning objectives and the existing means by which individuals may form the basis for personal consultation. Accordingly, the education agency plans the own or the education of their children or grandchildren for his customers.

The education estate agents established itself as a fourth estate agents in Germany – in addition to financial, insurance and real estate agents. While the educational consultant hired by the education provider can offer usually only the products of his house, the education agencies independently performs his duties of consultant from influences on the part of the education provider. The education agency has a regional and supra-regional database-supported overview of the education. The education agency determines the education provider through an education program, which fits best to the educational goal of the seekers on behalf of customer. The education agency does not bind so to a certain provider, but trying out the existing offerings, to identify the optimal for the customer. Learn more about the profession of education agency: BildungsMakler24 operates and markets the education portal a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and tricks. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

Fundrasining Portal

Day-care centres, shopping help with schools, universities, clubs and churches, without having to donate a dime itself. Free help – this is the Maxime by education donor. From a parents initiative, the nonprofit society education donors was founded. The Fundrasining Portal aims to strengthen education and improve. With only one or two clicks for example parents, teachers, and students can support financially their school without having to donate for even a cent. To do this, only shopping in the donations-shop of the own school on with some 200 partner shops of famous and well-known marks must be started. Books, newspapers and magazines on toys, furniture, clothing, shoes, mobile, DSL, computer, TV and Hi-Fi to banking and insurance quotes is all available for the buyers of course free of charge.

Up to 20 percent of the purchase value will be donated the commissions up to 20 percent of the purchase value or it will be fixed Remuneration paid, which can be over 100 euros for example when a DSL contract. The commissions to such a school be collected and donated annually to the school or its foundation. Because education donors is a non-profit organisation and has no profit objectives, education donors withhold a portion of the commissions, but forwards it to 100 percent next. Positive for those who carefully and sparingly to handle their data on the Internet: the use of donations shop you must not register for. Simply click on the desired donations-shop and you can help free with his shopping. Only a person that can be for example the Treasurer of the Association, a parent or a teacher must register his school. For day-care centres, universities, associations and congregations donation stores can at for kindergartens, nurseries, all types of school, all high school, sports, music clubs and education promoting clubs and parishes be set up.

“The bundling of so many interests under one roof makes sense, because we make a strong buying group for the partners. In partner shops there is a bonus season also the more use this grocer, the higher the benefits for all,”says initiator Alexander Klement. According to, a survey of the German retail Association valued at 18.3 billion euros via the Internet in online shops were 2007 in Germany purchased. “The potential is huge. We must only use it”so Clement next.

Further Education Qualifications

horizon in Munster of informs pupils of the upper stage, students and young professionals about courses of study Mannheim, September 9th, 2008 horizon is not only for pupils of the upper stage and their parents, but so for students who are undecided in their course of study and would like to get more information on their alternative. The wide range of information and topics offered at horizon is therefore of interest to young people who have already completed their studies or a vocational training and wish to pursue further educational possibilities. Many state and private universities from Germany and the Netherlands with multiple courses of study present the specifics of their courses and the offers of their respective locations. In addition to the universities, contact persons from renowned establishments are prepared to answer questions about their dual degree programs and training courses. On both Saturday and Sunday horizon presents a broad array of supporting programs: information on career paths in advertisement and in the world of finance as well as interesting facts about study courses abroad, the financing of academic studies, and Bachelor’s and Master studies and degrees. University of Twente, Radboud University Nijmegen, Saxion universities of applied sciences, Fachhochschule Venlo and Stenden Hogeschool will present their wide range of studies that will be of particular interest for German pupils.

The complete supporting program as well as additional detailed information about horizon can be found at. horizon in Munster: September 20th/21st, 2008 Munster, Halle Munsterland opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 9 a. on the topic.. m. to 4 p. m. admission free.

Saturday Horizon

The horizon in Mainz: horizon – fair for study and qualified–and training Mannheim, toothles on 8 and 9 November 2008 finds place in the Mainzer Rheingoldhalle the second time the horizon the fair for study and qualified education and training. The education fair, which is now firmly established at three other locations in Germany, provides information around the topic of study and career planning. “In addition to the universities in Rhineland-Palatinate, at the community level study in Rhineland-Palatinate” their degree programs as well as introduce the specifics of the programs and the College site, universities from throughout Germany present themselves. But also contact companies stand ready to competently and in detail to the questions of visitors and visitors to dual studies and training courses as well as and career opportunities in the economy. Are invited to the horizon in addition to the gymnasiale Oberstufe students and their parents also students who doubt the chosen field of study and is about Interested in alternatives. The offer of the horizon for young people who have completed a vocational training or a degree or currently attend, and then (further) study is also interesting. Further information highlights the Organizer lays on the topic abroad before or during their studies, as well as on the theme of Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and degrees: the conversion of the German landscape of studies on the international system is underway and should be completed by 2010.

Many questions but the future students: In relation to the horizon, a comprehensive programme for this topic will be held and all individual questions of the listeners will be answered by experts. horizon in Mainz: 8th/9th November 2008 Rheingoldhalle, Mainz opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 9 till 16: 00.


Education Conference 2008 – Berlin, 13 and 14 October 2008 the annual Education Conference being held already for the tenth time on October 13 and 14 in Berlin performed. Present 50 speakers who speak among others on the topics of international education markets, economy and education, migration and education management, are also representatives from politics and economy. Thus succeeded the organisers, the German Chamber of skilled crafts day (DHKT), the Central Office for training in the craft (Kathryn) and the German Association of vocational qualification (Q Association), to win the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) Olaf Scholz, the President of the Central Association of the German crafts (ZDH) and the German Chamber of skilled crafts day (DHKT) Otto Kentzler as speaker. As in the previous years responsible from the education sector, as well as from economy and administration are expected this year about 500-600. Education Conference has thus become the largest and most important meeting of the education industry. What: Education Conference 2008 on the Away to the D of Republic of education when: 13th and 14th October 2008 where: Estrel Hotel Berlin Ahornallee Sun 225 12057 Berlin more info:.

Job Opportunities

Chances of job in Germany of education depending on the chances of getting a job in Germany particularly strong education depend heavily. People with low education are not very much in demand on the labour market. The job opportunities of low-skilled are particularly bad in comparison to Europe in this country, reported the magazine Spiegel”in its Internet Edition. According to a recent study, 17.7 percent of the low-skilled in Germany have no job. It is the Federal Republic in the Europe-wide comparison on the third place. The EU average is located at 9.2 percent below the German level. Only in the Czech Republic and of Slovakia, the unemployment rate of the low-skilled is higher. The figures are alarming: more than one sixth 25-64 German with basic level of education was unemployed last year.

This is confirmed by projections of the Federal Statistical Office. People who have no more than a secondary school leaving certificate and no professional training is considered to be low-qualified. The figures published by the Federal Statistical Office result from the European labour force survey data. The survey follows the approach of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and to allow a comparison that is independent of national regulation of the labour market. In all EU countries, the risk of having no job, depends on the level of education. The unemployment rate is among people with higher education and professional degree or a higher vocational-technical education in the Federal Republic at only 3.7 percent; in the EU, it is only slightly lower with 3.6 percent.

With the unemployment rate of people with vocational training or high school diploma, the difference is even greater: in this country stands at 8.2 percent and the EU average at six percent. German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged therefore to improve the education opportunities for young people. A chance should be given to each”, the Chancellor said. The Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD) stressed the need for investment of day-care centers, schools, universities and training institutions. This is on up to ten Estimated at billions of euros. The countries it would not be possible this horrendous sum,”alone to raise, as Wowereit. Support by the Federal Government was possible, without that the competence of the countries in question would be provided.

InfoWeb Education

Study: The future of further education portals: what do users want? The future of further education portals is interactive. In the future involves the users not only hard offer information or convenient operating functions. They put significantly more emphasis on direct dialogue. You want support, counselling, follow-up, or participation. And also transparency, assessment facilities and E-learning are they capitalize. It has now found a study of GmbH in Munich. What do expect the Web user today by a training database? A study that training (IWWB) together with the German education server already in early 2008 in an online survey raised the InfoWeb, gives answers: thus users looking for a comprehensive, current, and high-quality range of subjects and courses. In addition, they appreciate the opportunity to quickly compare individual courses and to obtain further information about the provider.

Information about consulting services and institutions the training, which will help them to clarify their own training needs, are important to them. And last but not least, they want to be informed about the latest developments in the field of continuing education. Summary: the user understand a training database today especially as search engine, which provides additional general education information to the party suitable for her education wish leads them quickly and conveniently. As far as the current inventory of the IWWB. Now, it is to look in the future. What do expect users in the future by a training database? What are your wishes? What do they want out of comfortable search functions and general educational information yet? The GmbH in Munich has conducted an internal study of companies on these issues and added the IWWB focus to this aspect of the future. Between October 30, 2008, and February 15, 2009, the GmbH in qualitative interviews has interviewed 35 participants and evaluated their answers. The results differ markedly from those of the IWWB study.