Metal Products

From birth, man surrounded by a lot of metal products. Metal tools are used everywhere: in tehnikainstrumenty domemashiny. Without the use of metal does not do any one thing. Secrete several types of metal: ferrous, stainless steel, black. Black metal. Often made of ferrous metal producing such products as ugolokdvutavrshveller. These materials are mainly used for pre-fabricated buildings. In construction of tall buildings are often used black metal rolling – circle, armaturakvadrat.

For special group treated leaf category. This group includes: steel listholodnokatany listgoryachekatany sheet and more the mass of sheet metal. Form of black metal has found inherent in the use of construction and engineering. Non-ferrous metals – to him belongs latunmedmedno-nickel alloy splavbronzovy. These materials are very convenient and reliable, but expensive.

In general, these metals are used in the manufacture of . Non-ferrous metals is very valuable in production. Stainless metal uses success on a par with the black metal products. It is mainly used in cases where it is necessary to deal with the water. For example, cover the roof sheet of stainless steel for long conservation. Just Stainless metal products used in the manufacture of pipes for water.