Networking In Candelaria

In an interview with the psychologist of the municipality of Candelaria is because that reflects a multidisciplinary effort is conjugated, but the “networking” is limiting because the student population, teachers and administrators is considerable (4000 students, with a total of 5 locations and 125 teachers), still meets advocacy and prevention, and perform intervention although there clinics.

In reality educational psychologists in Colombia there is a nonconformity and that the profile is formed but from a clinical point of view so that when it comes into action is expected to intervene, assess and diagnosis , all in order to create an adaptation that makes an attempt to resolve the conflict for teachers, parents, directives are “happy” with the functionality of the institution, which necessarily involves the psychologist in charge of “chaos” after this * The educational psychology as a discipline and profession. Interview with Cesar Coll. Check out two sigma for additional information. Electronic Journal of Educational Research. the fact that this will only accommodate a few mental health professionals, and more if it is of public nature, in this case the psychologist interviewed stated that only one colleague to clinical and educational interventions in the five campuses of the candelaria institution, so the reality is somewhat critical, as it impossible to cover all educational needs of a population so large, including the full range of difficulties that arise with teachers, it expresses that some do not tolerate that their work is challenged in this case shows a limitation to the vision of education that traditional teaching does not change, because the involvement of professionals in this field is recent and there is no culture of how articulate holistic reality of the classroom with all aspects of a subject that enclose this in a educational process and in addition to that an attempt is made because the parents that participate in this educational process in which your children are but attendance is poor showing that they still have a tendency to believe that the educational process is a task only of the institution and relates only to academics.

The implementation of mental health has caused a shift in the “learning culture”, but still remain “strong consequences” of the concept and practice of education traditional, because in Colombia only a few years ago was implemented mental health in educational models and projects carried this context there have only been making these programs as they have been given greater importance to this dimension of the individual. To conclude the exercise of the educational psychologist goes beyond a mere intervention in the field of education, in not only applies to school processes but encompasses other dimensions that complement the context in which practice does not assume by just theory but through the experiences given from a specified educational reality that facilitate professional involvement in this, which is one more element to build joint teaching educational practices to improve processes both in the classroom as in all types of subject formation that improves their quality of life.

The Education

The best punishment is that one that if it negotiates. It tries to ask to the children what they deserve for its errors. You if will surprise. Of this form they will reflect on its attitudes, and perhaps, they will give a more severe punishment of what you would give. The punishment alone is useful when it will be intelligent. It always explains the reason of everything, does not leave nothing to be in doubt, this will help in the development of the moral judgment of its son. Then we ask in them again: How to educate with limits? The majority of the infantile behaviors is learned by means of the imitation, of the experimentation and the invention. What its children register of you? The negative or positive images? ALL.

They file daily its behaviors, are intelligent or dull they. What it generates the unconscious bonds is not alone what you say they, but also what they see in you. Many parents say wonderful things for its son, but he has pssimas ahead reactions of them. With the time an emotional abyss between parents and children is created. The image that its son constructed of you cannot more extinguished being, only rewrite.

To construct an excellent image establishes the wealth of the relation that you will have with its children. It is the intensity of the emotion that defines the quality of register. The Education of the children, more than what to impose the limits and to compel that they are respected, it must be transmitted through the values and principles of the family. Which are the values that vocs are teaching to its children? The lack of limits and disciplines is caused many times for the lack of time and attention excused to the child, what it generates very great an affective lack, and this lack of attention will be supplied of another one Incomodar, to molest, to provoke malaise in.

Educational Psychology

They are its capacities that have of being developed, being exercised and being carried through. But, not to be that a master knows, and knows perfectly and acabadamente the experiences of the humanity that are consubstanciadas in the one that we call program, it will not know nor which are the capacities, abilities and attitudes of the child, nor as p them in function and activity for its realizao.’ ‘ (Dewey, 1980, pg.152). Biographical data Henry Paul Hyacinthe Wallon were born in France in 1879. Formed in philosophy in 1902, it also attended a course medicine, forming itself in 1908. Get all the facts and insights with Richard Linklater, another great source of information. It acted as doctor of the French army during the World War I (1914-1918).

Its contact with former-combatants with cerebral injuries, made with that it reevaluated its concepts of neurology, developed in the work with deficient children. From 1920, acting as doctor of psychiatric institutions, Henry Wallon it was invited to organize the conferences on psychology of the child in the University of the Sorbonne and other institutions of superior education. The scientist remained responsible for these activities up to 1937. Click FASEB Journal to learn more. In 1925, deep Wallon in Paris an attendance laboratory and research of had children as deficient. In the same year doutorado published its thesis of. In 1931, Wallon travels for Moscow, where it is invited to integrate the Circle of New Russia. The proposal of this group, formed for intellectuals of some areas, was to deepen the study of the dialtico materialism and to examine its application in some areas of the knowledge. It was during its permanence in the Russia that Wallon stopped contact with Lev Vygotsky, philosopher, psychologist and creator of a new pedagogical method. Studious of the marxism, filia Wallon it the communist party in 1942, whereas parallel it acted in the French Resistance, fighting against the nazista occupation.

Psychoanalysis Education

Any to know pedagogical modern is, for definition, autonmico with the Psychoanalysis. It does not have application of the Psychoanalysis to the education. A certain psicanaltica clarity of the education is possible, an education clarified for the Psychoanalysis shows to all and any pedagogical reflection. It would be an education where it recognizes the desire. The Psychoanalysis-Education relation is not equivalent to that one intended between the Psychoanalysis and the Pedagogia. One of the concerns of Freud was in the field of the problematic one of the education: the individual and civilization. According to Freud, its thought on the had education as the vehicle of the moral directed to the repressive nature, in an educative transformation, having as parameter the individual-society.

She explains that the children tried the same conflicts through which they had passed our ancestor in the civilization process. nd-tv-program/’>Dr Steven Victor. The freudiana hope in the social reforming policy, it saw education, it is inversely proportional in the gradual ones of the pulsional model. Supporting the character ' ' conservador' ' , desirable in the education. The education in the society contemporary would have to assume a more creative dimension today, because information we have with easy access. For more specific information, check out Gerald Weissmann, MD. It seems that Freud wanted to develop people with more creativity and more espontaneidade. The ethics and the moral and the trend to blame the others inhibit the creativity becoming the restrained person most shy and. The roots of the false moral are very deep and reach the land of the tradition and the culture.

The concept of citizenship, democracy, social justice and public space, occupies a wide space in the education. The cultural tradition and the reality economic-politics, represent the immorality in our social relations. Immorality, that revolt and provokes indifference and conformismo. That the social education by means of the repression, reaches a platform that takes in them to ask for a transformation social current, being necessary to review the context, the preconceptions, discrimination of race, sort and classroom social.

Learning About Tarot Cards

About Tarot cards written many books, they all carry different kinds of unique and meaningful information, advancing various hypotheses and assumptions about their origin. However, no one has so far failed to explain their true origin. Clearly, however, one that tarot cards – it is a symbolic description of the evolutionary path of humanity on the road of spiritual growth and development. There is a legend according to which the wise, knowing the laws of space hierarchies, have decided to transfer their secret knowledge to mankind, and encrypt the message, as farewell to mankind. Nobody knows whether it was real or not, but my experience in practice shows that the tarot cards – it is really great scrambled wisdom.

I do not belong to the tarot as predictive, problematic system, or as a kind of predestination in "fate" of each of us, most likely a farewell speech, rules of conduct, who gave us the ancients. There are many hypotheses, even thinks that in ancient Egyptian initiations, when the candidate devoted to the monastic order, he showed the 12 columns on the north side and the same in the south, which were shown images of the Major Arcana tarot, explaining the rules and regulations for the Initiate There is also a hypothesis that in the era of Christianity, when the esoteric knowledge and science (which, taro and is) considered grave sin and were expelled, the keepers of the ancient teachings, not to get the ranks of the idolaters and pagans, zakumuflirovali in pictures symbols and myths on which the taro and builds. These characters – one only goal is the evolution of human consciousness. Tarot always suggests a way out of situations, helping to avoid mistakes and disappointments, gives the correct farewell, and as it may seem strange, it is never wrong. But there should be make a small reservation, it is better to trust a professional. The man who predicts events in your life, simply must own a clear understanding that its prognosis depends on what decision to take people. Tarot Rota – translated as the wheel.

The wheel of life. The sages of antiquity were told that our whole life is a wheel, a circle that never stops its motion. According to Kabbalah (Jewish philosophy), there is only one law, Managing all the creatures of nature. Ancient painted dot in the center of the circle, wheel, and as a symbol of this idea: the principle of Eternity (dot) in the center of the circle (the circle with no beginning and no end). If you listen carefully to this philosophy of the ancient philosophers and sages, to analyze the principle of the seasons, we note that the winter is replaced by the spring, summer, spring is replaced, replace the summer comes autumn and winter comes again, like a fairy tale 12 months, remember? This pattern, the cycle of life – forever. No matter how many hypotheses are not there, I am inclined to the view that the tarot – the greatest wisdom, which has reached us through the centuries, this wisdom together and connect all knowledge which humanity has become even at the dawn of distant centuries, and these reflect the knowledge of mankind developed the concept of worldview.