Average Education

Relation of the Practical Theory and of education in the Perspective of the interdisciplinaridade ANALYSIS OF the BOOK the didactic book of PORTUGUESE: LANGUAGES (2003), of William authors Robert Cereja and Thereza Cochar Magalhes, indicated for the education of average level, only volume distributed by the ministry of the Education to the all the schools of the public net of education, present complete content that involves language, literature, textualidade and grammar. The content programmarian of the book is divided block-type of studies what it facilitates for the professor the succession of the subjects to be boarded, each treat block has its peculiar characteristic. To if observing the first unit of the book the contents to be boarded deal with the language, communication and interaction, what depending on the applied methodology it calls the attention the pupil for the explanado content, this construction around the language and its variants assist more the construction of coesos texts and coherent, this unit introduces something referring to literature and its concept, and sorts worked from the creation made for the proper pupils of the varieties of sorts. In the second unit it is presented literature in itself and the schools that had in such a way given to beginning to this movement in the world as in Brazil, in sequence to the literal productions, the use concepts reflection of the language for the construction of a creative and objective text coeso and coherent they are boarded of form, what the professor leads to approach as primary form the argumentativo text, its concept and adequacy semantics to the end of the unit the grammar that comes to give necessary support in the literal constructions through the linking components. The third unit of the sequence the literary schools and emphasizes the construction of the argumentativa writing, however it emphasizes the graphical rules of acentuao and the correct application of the verbs. .

Field Education

The education of the field defended by the social movements it is an education that is come back and constructed with the workers. The education of the field for we are not separate of a general education to understand the society. It is analyzed from the principles that deal with the humanizao, that they deal with not this field of the agronegcio, and yes, of a field where the families have the possibility to produce for the Brazilian society. This education of the field is not only come back toward schools, therefore for us the school is only one part of this process. The enormous challenge that we face is the model of existing education in the field. Go to Richard Linklater for more information. When we think or we speak on education of the field we come across with a series of problems raised for the governing: structure lack, of qualified professors, adequate pertaining to school transport, and didactic-pedagogical material. The structure of the school in the field, unhappyly is adapted through the urban school bringing expectation to the agricultural population.

Educational Orientation

In a psicologista approach, the Orientation it served? more for the proper system of what for proper alunos' '. In the current LDB, Law n 9394/96 of 20/12/1996, the Educational Orientation is explicitada only in art. 64, that it deals with ' ' formation of the professionals of the Education for administration, planning, inspection, supervision and Educational Orientation for the Basic Education, that will have to be made in courses of graduation in Pedagogia or level of after-graduation, the criterion of the institution of education, guaranteed, in this formation, the common base nacional' ' , however the importance of the professional formation of the Educational Person who orientates perpassa all the Law, in some articles, as for Average Ensino, how much to the resumes related to the general preparation for the work, mainly related to the alternatives of Young the Basic Education of Adult and to the Professional Education. Beyond the legislation to explicitar Educational orientation and its formation of more general form, have the question of the formation of this professional, who was vacant, therefore do not exist plus a specific course that forms educational people who orientates. It has some years the formation was done in a specific course inside of the Pedagogia, currently only in after-graduation level, not being offered in all the universities or being only offered in the long-distance modality. The previous formation, made to the light of the old legislaes, gave to much emphasis to the theories of Psychology, permeando the work of the educational person who orientates as somebody that could anticipate the problems of the pupils to adjust them the way to it or when very an applicator of vocational tests became and, that also they aimed at the adjustment of the pupil to the work market, without questioning the validity of these practical very, finishing for inside inciting critical the performance of this professional of the school and the necessity of that this function if kept in the pertaining to school pictures.

Summary Pro Day

The film Pro Day To be born Happy approaches the daily one of some young, of diverse social classrooms, in its schools. These adolescent ways of experience interviewed them involve subjects as the preconception, the precariousness, the violence and the hope. The film is of 2005 and was directed by Joo Garden. In this set of documents, the heard pupils are of the periphery of great capitals as So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, as well as of a poor city in Pernambuco. Moreover, pupils of particular colleges of those capitals also compose the interviews.

One is about a comparative narrative of different places and different citizens. Of this form, the film portraies the situations that young are displayed and pontua questions to the pupils how much its relationships with the parents, the taste to study, the future or the fears. These questions translate the way that the immersed young is e, with images, illustrate realities. The questions brought for the film make possible reflections on the situation of education in Brazil and the possibilities of solutions for our problems educational. Joo Garden ahead presented our educational bankruptcy with much sensitivity and seriousness of a reality that all deny to see. In general way, the units of education do not finish congregating the minimum conditions for the intellectual development them pupils, clear situation in some boarded examples. Differently, in the particular college of presented So Paulo, one perceives pupils of a privileged social classroom with intellectual qualification better that the pupils of public education.

The professors in the public net if feel discouraged ahead of the situation in this educational system. He still has of if to consider that the environment of the community where each school is inserted affects the individuals directly. In many cases, crime finishes involving the young, what it facilitates to the violence and the climate of unreliability. To understand the amplitude of the relations weaveeed in pertaining to school environments is necessary to know the spaces, the individuals and the relations in this field of work. E, if to want that changes occur of the situations registered in this film, for example, how much the Brazilian educational reality, is necessary to provoke such changes aiming at the education of the young of this country, in way that the future of our country is pautado in them educational pillars that we construct and guide the life in society of who we look for to guide and ensinar.PRO DAY TO BE BORN HAPPY. Direction: Joo Garden. Brazil: Copacabana Films, 2006. 1 film (88min), sound., color.