Educative Evaluation

For the imaginary citizen the evaluation is an act to describe, to measure, to weigh whatever has been obtained in a scale, generally the one that goes from the 1 to the 10. Nevertheless the act of the educative evaluation goes beyond the simple fact to grant a qualification. It is a pedagogical process that has happened through different stages in the Mexican school: Is. Campbell Soup Co does not necessarily agree. – First six lustrum of century XX: until the years sesentas the evaluation was centered in the memory, in remembering the programmatic contents of a subject or matter by means of an examination, generally applied when finalizing the course; the examinations, oral or would be written; these last ones happened of not structured to standardized and the objectives.

The examination was the exclusive one orchestrates to promote and to describe the student. II. – Of decade ends of sesentas to year 2.000, the evaluation continues being equivalent to only measure that now it is seen like a change of conduct and not like an act to memorise. It is the period that corresponds to the call ideological conductismo. In this educative current of the evaluation the majority of the professors who at present are in front of group, as well as of the parents of family of the majority formed of the students who today attend the basic education. III.

– In the times that we lived, those that correspond at our moment, the evaluation is totally different, so different that to the own professors it is to them strange, but nondifficult to understand. In the first two decades of the 21st century the educative evaluation she becomes formative, opposite to the measurement concept. and it happens to be important part of the process of learning of the students. It is in this concept of evaluation in which the new reform of basic education is sustained, that tries the development of competitions for the life: to learn to learn, to learn to do and to learn to being. Today the family parents can disturb by this process; then the qualification of its children no longer depends exclusively on examination or test but of a set of activities that allow him to demonstrate that the knowledge has apprehended not only it (thus with hews with an axe intermediate) they know but it to apply, that it is the true advance of the learning process. For that reason, to the beginning of the present article we spoke of imaginary citizen, that is not other that the family parents which today they weigh the quality of the education of the past, that one that was sustained in remembering, on memorising, they insists on which their children must remember the curricular contents and detienene not to think that they estan being formed (the students) it stops the use of the knowledge, this perception is dangerous because it can generate conflicts between parents and educators. Today governing and parents must contribute responsibly to that the educandos obtain significant learnings, those that will allow them to as much solve their academic problems with existential, within the framework for the respect to the other, to the diversity of opinions, to the plurality of ideas and the order and the nature. The mission of the school no longer has like unique aim to spread the knowledge but to recreate it, to give him to a utulidad for the pwersonal development and social

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Foucault Educative

This is not more than the function of agent of the socialization that it has and that as much him weight of which &quot spoke to us; old and querido" Durkheim. But this function is not the unique one that it owns, also is formed to offer to its students knowledge that the picked up humanity as a whole to and that seem to be in background against the reality of a hour extension that it looks for to solve problems of social nature and not as much educative, and that in addition load to the educational ones with a weight for which no they are neither preparations nor within its roll. Often I have felt desire to shout. I do not want to be father of my students, I want to be its teacher! It would never assume a responsibility that is not incumbent on to me, to help yes in the clear task that, but to occupy a roll that would be so injurious for the student as the absence of the same, that yes that not it desire, neither for me nor for no educational one which one boasts. To be father or mother is for all the educational life however to be hard a school year.

If we are going to extend the schedule we do it with coherence, offering him to the students a greater educative and locativa supply. Constructing more halls the things are not fixed either, but extending the educative spaces gymnasiums, factories, theaters, campings, libraries that in many cases can be outside the school. When the schedule extends the school is in danger to become a jail for the students who feel under control and for the educational one that the experience like jailer. It is not newness mine who the educative centers have much common with the jails said already it Foucault; for that reason it is precise to extend the educative supply, substantially.