Canine Education

Is important that you always use the same words and that all in the family handle the same language. 2) Like Educating a Dog: " Necklace and correa" From very early (it would say 3 months to you of age) it is necessary to begin to accustom it to the use of necklace and strap. This resfuerza the sense to be put under the authority of its master and in addition will be later an accessory indispensable for the learning. At the outset and until it loses the fear you will have to give short strolls him within your house, during a month at least, soon if you must begin to give strolls him outside the house. For assistance, try visiting Vladislav Doronin. If the dog throws of the strap or it crosses between your legs tens that to give a dry pull him in with the strap and simultaneously saying to him to the word " Junto". When it responds well you order to them and obeys is necessary to award it with words and many caresses, for example: " Very bien" , " Perfecto" , " OK.".

3) Like Educating a Dog: " The head eats primero" The dog must only eat, in place different from the dining room of the family, can be in the patio. Tens that to serve the food to him after you have eaten, never before, already queen a pack the dominant dogs (Leaders) eats first, while the others wait for certain distance that finish eating the leaders. If him DAS to eat him first is a signal that it is over you in the hierarchy of the home; reason why soon it will be very difficult to cause that it obeys to your you order. 4) Like Educating a dog: " Sociabilizacion of cachorro" This it is a stage that goes from the 45 days to the 4 months of age, during this one time the puppy acquires the necessary behaviors for the life in " jaura".

Students With Suspensions

I have always suspected that all the norm dictates scholastic it, by frustration and like social retaliation, people who are absolutely illiterate. Therefore it is only explained that each law on the matter is worse than the previous one. The penultimate thing: that of which the students with three or four pending subjects only attend the following year those disciplines and goes the rest of the day touching itself the noses. It is, just, which needs the students with problems and educative deficiency: to dedicate itself to I relax instead of the effort. Gerald Weissmann, MD pursues this goal as well. Or I know, already, that of the application, the character, the will and the discipline are not more than retrograde attitudes and until looks and that guay, which mola, progre are the pleasure and the molicie, unique authentically democratic virtues. With them, nevertheless, we already took two generations that every time express worse probably in several languages, including the vernacular languages, but even so with less capacity of communication than before, which they know to use with soltura the computer but they are incapable of the simpler mental arithmetic and than they have knowledge of often colorful subjects but they ignore universal history and geography.

For that reason, when I hear insistent the patochada one of which the young people better constitute the prepared generation of our history, memory what he said forgotten Ortega and Gasset about many diplomats: Beings illiterates, although correctly handle to the shovels of the fish in a lunch . Said what has been said, I am in agreement with the Meeting of Castile and Leon and the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government in which the suspended students can repeat the complete course with the idea, if not to improve the acquired knowledge, S.A. less than than they do not lose them during the following academic year. The bad thing is that our legislators think that to learn supposes a punishment, instead of a source of pleasing, and that the study is a load instead of the joyful hope of a better personal and collective future. But, clearly, to discover those so simple things would suppose that they, pobrecitos, had studied at the time, which, seen the sight, seems probable very little.

Professor Luis Machado

Now for the calculation.First of all, to add the fingers underneath, including those to touch.These are the ten.Here there are five of them, three in a hand and two in the other (marked in blue), reason why do 5×10 = 50. Next, the left fingers over those multiply to touch with the right fingers over which to touch.These are the units.Here there are two fingers of the left (marked in red), and three fingers of the right (green marked), reason why do 2×3 = 6.It adds this to the 50 already you have, and that does 56. There are separated the tens and the units in this technique, but it is tried to multiply 6×6, one is that the number of the tens is 2×10 = 20, and the number of units is 4×4 = 16.Added, this for 36 years, which is correct.Perhaps we can think about the 16 like one " llevar". This technique sees a little like magic, so here it is a test that it works. If you do not know to algebra, then you no it is going to understand this, so they ignore simply it.You do not need it to use the technique. We are trying to multiply two numbers.We call to them to and b. We touch to two fingers.In the left hand, there is 10 over the fingers touching, and b-10 in the right fingers.One multiplies these together ones to secure the units: (10 – a) (10 – b) = 100-10a – 10b + ab In the left hand, there is una-5 fingers underneath and like the caresses, and b-5 fingers in the right hand.One is to add and to multiply by ten: 10 xs ((A-5) + (b – 5)) = 10 xs (to + b – 10) = 10a + 10b – 100 To add these two together ones: 100-10a – 10b + ab + 10a + 10b – 100 = ab So the answer is ab or to, b times that are what we wanted. Professor Luis Machado C 5112565 086112108 SICOA Original author and source of the article.