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The only problem is that not all basic utilities green energy offer and prevent such ecological heating. Speaking candidly David G. DeWalt told us the story. Who cheap climate-aware and at the same time want to heat should operate its heat pump with the own photovoltaic solar power. See also: photovoltaic systems-efficient heat pumps only with high COP who puts year work number (short JAZ) of the generated heat and the consumed power together. Will uses less power and generates relatively much heat, the higher the number of annual work fails. The value is higher than 3.5, the heat pump is very energy efficient. The COP is less than 3, heat pumps is not more ecological work. In these cases, they emit more CO2 than a conventional oil or gas heating. Tip: Underfloor heating helps save a heat pump heats up especially well, if underfloor heating is installed.

One reason is the low temperature of 35 degrees, which saves energy and ultimately electricity costs. Money down the drain out heating”or warm cozy save”? A well insulated, 150-square-foot single-family house is with Underfloor heating is equipped and is heated with a very efficient heat pump (JAZ 3.5). The heat output amounted to 7 kW. The family of four consumes around 2,500 kilowatt hours for heating and hot water, which is reflected in an annual electricity bill of around 500 euros. The result shows the strength of a heat pump: approximately a quarter of electricity and three-quarters of free ambient heat the entire House is heated. Who wants to heat more ecological and less expensive, should provide the own electricity with a solar energy system.

The calculated heating costs for a unsaniertes House with same living space are in clear contrast for this. The family stocks approximately 4600 litre fuel oil (46,000 kWh) last year. At a price of 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour, so just under 3,000 euros incurred. The tendency is for the next years rising both in consumption and in the price of oil. The comparison clearly shows: without insulation and heat pumps, much money is thrown out. The bottom line, the first family saved more than 80 percent of the energy costs that they would have paid in an unsanitary housing with heater. With these savings, she could finance even a holiday trip. Who would like to tell more about heat pumps and power cost savings, can contact consultant ever energy. See also: blog/heat pump power /.

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