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The Professor

However, the school seems that it is walking in opposing direction, has not folloied the celeridade of this evolution. Consequentemente has demanded professional more competent to take care of the necessities provoked for this globalizado world, in the education has demand for competent professional-professors, with this, understands it on the basis of relevance of the inquiry analysis of the necessities of the professors of basic education the pedagogical abilities: an experience in a confessional school, however, was pledged in the search and in the identification of which pedagogical abilities they are necessary for an efficient docncia serving of base for the analysis of the identified formative necessities in the school. Making then, a parallel enters both can be standed out the importance to develop the pedagogical abilities in education learning. The present study it will contribute so that the professor as a professional of enclosed education in this environment of constant modifications and numerous collections, it must be a citizen endowed with values, appraiser and formador, that really different difference and in the society makes, that is, a competent, practical citizen, pedagogical politician and. As theoretical base to answer to the questioning considered for this inquiry it could be counted on the contributions of the following authors: Zabalza (2006), Echeverria (2005), Almeida (2010), Perrenoud (1999), among others. The method adopted for this inquiry was delimited in a quantitative study, as Richardson (1999) is a type of research that makes possible a bigger precision of the results and prevents distorted interpretations. This article was structuralized in three sections. The first section is about the presentation of the ability concepts.

The second section presents the pedagogical abilities and its dimensions. In the third section it is described on the sprouting of the formative necessities and its basic one importance for educative area and as it develops itself. This work brings a significant contribution for the professors whom they intend to develop in the pupils the abilities that will follow in elapsing of its life, either in the academic, professional aspect, or pessoal.CONCEITO OF COMPETNCIAO term ability it comes of vocbulo ' ' competer' ' , a intransitivo verb that it means to belong.

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