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The Truth About Drugs And Their Mechanism Of Human Exposure

In fact, alcohol is the same drug. Withdrawal syndrome or in everyday life hangover when drinking alcohol, is similar in many respects to the breaking, caused by heroin-like, as cool joints, but not so strongly as in the breaking. In a small amount of alcohol as well as any drug stimulates. In a larger amount acts as a soporific. In another large amount of alcohol can also kill as a drug, and the incidence of these many cases Death from alcohol is less only because the human body had turned off and an overdose does not occur that can not be said about drugs, an overdose occur very often. Alcohol rapidly destroys virtually entire supply of vitamins in the body. Especially alcohol wipes vitamins, and just like drugs, do not bring a sense of euphoria from long use, not more difficult to prove that the alcohol in the body starts the effect of decay, hence the smell called the people fume. Imagine rotting food. The longer a person drinks alcohol, the more fumes, and terrible to imagine that happening in his body..

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