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To The Distance Of A Loved One

The distance of a loved one (poem) when you lose a loved; senimos a vacuum, vacuum so large that it is not occupied by nothing and no one, and this happens: when you lose a being querdio! As humans we learn to love and be loved; to some people more than others and those that show us all his love and affection, but we feel that everything is finished: when you lose a loved one! The death must see it as a step toward true life, and our God so not explained them, are full of pain; I say this because I am still so: because when we are gathered, still remind you that loved! You deserve a privileged place wherever you are; that no doubt!, we get used to always be with us; in good times and in bad, but never taught us the way how to feel, when it comes to losing a loved one! We need to feel happy, some will say: do happy?, Yes, because we are sure that you must now be close to God and viendonos now thinking of you; you’re our loved If we see from time to time, cry We can say that you we miss you; but also because we know that these well and we’ll see you someday: because you’re a loved very! Never thought you write a poem, and not know how hard that made me; Thank you God for having me revealed in a dream, and show me that with paper and pencil can show: how much you want to and are surprised their loved ones! To describe you, paper will not any pencil that you could use, because is terminarian and we could not follow; so things are when you need to describe their loved ones! To my I you very much; that hesitation or!, I remember always talked to my graduation day and your always were included in joining me this special day for me, but you’ll always be with me, because seguiras being, in addition of my loved: the more large and faithful friend! Written by: yvan diaz jimenez at 26 days of the month of February 2010 year santiago de los caballeros rep. DOM. 11: 45 pm. Dedicated to: second walls (lelo).

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