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Education In Spain

Say that we are one of the European countries with lowest level in education, is not to say anything new, moreover, I think that follow so we are going to worse, or is going to get solution? Since I studied so far the education system has changed a lot, and in my opinion for the worse. When I went to College educational level was higher than the now and more stringent and I do not mean strict in punishment. The system of the ESO also think is for worst because passing some children of 12 years at an Institute, where there is so much freedom is superior to them, is much change and does not favor them nothing. With 12 years found with lots of freedom and responsibility that not everyone know carry. Before 1st stage was of course 1 to 5 and 2 nd stage corresponded to grades 6-8 course courses. There were two stages and now there are three, which are: 1st stage are 1 St and 2 nd course, 2nd stage 3rd and 4th year and 3rd stage 5 th and 6 th year.This change I don’t know if it affects or not but the moving to children of course that are not nothing prepared because they can not repeat twice the same stage is delayed. At one stage they may not repeat twice, i.e. If they repeat 3 already n 4 can be repeated, nor nor repeatable many children, i.e.

by class has a maximum of 4 or 5 children, does that make thing hechan luck?, when before going 40 children in class and now 25 as much and is not noticeable improvement. If it will be for teachers. The guys are not prepared at the Institute, it is a big change and that delayed them further, reaching the Institute the great failures. That makes students feel stopped and discouraged, with which many leave him. Another reason why leave studies is the freedom acquired in the institutes. About children 12 years old don’t know take that freedom, unchecked and everything is cool, in the Institute must be more responsible, are not controlled as the College and that can overcome them. This is what thinks and continue counting more in another chapter.

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