Education In Spain

Say that we are one of the European countries with lowest level in education, is not to say anything new, moreover, I think that follow so we are going to worse, or is going to get solution? Since I studied so far the education system has changed a lot, and in my opinion for the worse. When I went to College educational level was higher than the now and more stringent and I do not mean strict in punishment. The system of the ESO also think is for worst because passing some children of 12 years at an Institute, where there is so much freedom is superior to them, is much change and does not favor them nothing. With 12 years found with lots of freedom and responsibility that not everyone know carry. Before 1st stage was of course 1 to 5 and 2 nd stage corresponded to grades 6-8 course courses. There were two stages and now there are three, which are: 1st stage are 1 St and 2 nd course, 2nd stage 3rd and 4th year and 3rd stage 5 th and 6 th year.This change I don’t know if it affects or not but the moving to children of course that are not nothing prepared because they can not repeat twice the same stage is delayed. At one stage they may not repeat twice, i.e. If they repeat 3 already n 4 can be repeated, nor nor repeatable many children, i.e.

by class has a maximum of 4 or 5 children, does that make thing hechan luck?, when before going 40 children in class and now 25 as much and is not noticeable improvement. If it will be for teachers. The guys are not prepared at the Institute, it is a big change and that delayed them further, reaching the Institute the great failures. That makes students feel stopped and discouraged, with which many leave him. Another reason why leave studies is the freedom acquired in the institutes. About children 12 years old don’t know take that freedom, unchecked and everything is cool, in the Institute must be more responsible, are not controlled as the College and that can overcome them. This is what thinks and continue counting more in another chapter.


To count the calories in the work is often difficult, especially if you are constantly in movement and occupied to the end throughout the day. Here you have four advice who will cause that it is easier so that you to permanezer in control of your plan of feeding while you are in the work: 1. It takes your lunch to count the calories Although it can have days in which you must entertain a client and remove it to a lunch from businesses, whenever it is possible is due to try to prepare a lunch to take to your work. Even if you have fellow workers who eat every day of the week, if you want to count the calories is way no easier that to make your own food. Check out KDP for additional information. A type different from food every day for ayudarte from mantenerte in the way. It is possible that you wish to do a menu for the lunch the night of Sunday during all the week. For example, you can eat sandwiches that are low in fat three times to the week, soon to take the surpluses in the other two days. For even more details, read what Campbell Soup Co says on the issue.

It tries to include a piece of fruit in your stock market of lunch each day, or to prepare vegetables like palitos of carrot or celery. 2. It avoids the spending machine To have a spending machine in the work is to often beneficial, but you must deal with mantenerte remote of her when you are counting your calories. It runs to a protein bar with you from your house or some fruits and vegetables to itch. If you must use the spending machine it chooses something that is low in calories, or simply eats a small portion and to keep the rest for another day. 3. To drink water and coffee not to count the calories The coffee is sometimes a necessary evil when the previous night has gotten tired and exists the necessity to wake up when it is in the work.

If you must take coffee, tries to have a single drink. It can be difficult if your fellow workers constantly have a glass in their hands, but exerts certain automatic control with a water bottle in his place. It varies the type of water that you drink with the purchase of different flavors, which will help to avoid the coffee pot. 4. It plans ahead of time If you know beforehand that you are going to have to work extra hours a day in particular, asegrate to take some measures to maintain the calories under control. For example, eating a breakfast a little greater those than you are in the morning used to must work extra hours. Also you can prepare a lunch that includes two sandwiches, reason why it is possible to be eaten later in the day. A problem that can happen from time to time: The manager of the office orders pizza or Chinese food for all the personnel. If you wish to count the calories and to have them under control, eats a small portion. Also the food can be given thanks to the manager by its generosity and simply be eaten that you brought from your house. If it is your desire to lower once and for all of weight you must visit the following article: Like Obtaining a Flat Abdomen.

Emotional Education

In the last years one comes listening to with insistence the association between emotional education and school. On the one hand it turns out paradoxical to think that it surprises the association since the aim first and last one of the school are to educate. However, it is necessary to have presents/displays that this necessity to educate in emotions has not become declares until does relatively just a short time. And in that sense, the school is discovering a new roll in its function of educator by nature. To educate in emotions or the emotional education aims at that educational and students find in the school true spaces of personal growth, professional and academic. When educational and students are able to recognize their own emotions begin to would observe improvements that repel in the academic results but that also they improve considerably the quality of the coexistence in the scholastic institution.

These two aspects, as well, contribute to improve the self-esteem of the students, on the one hand, and the educational ones, on the other. The students feel motivated and recognize in the daily effort the best form of to achieve the success; improvements in the work in equipment are observed and manage to become jumbled in collective actions. The educational ones, by their side, perceive a recognition to their task that allows them to position itself like authority in the classroom from the place of the dialogue, the consensus and the affective and effective construction. The emotional education leans on three pillars sustain that it they maintain and it in the time: in the first place the recognition, the identification of the emotions; secondly the social capacity to develop with naturalness and success (Assertiveness); and finally the self-esteem. Each of these pillars constitutes the fundamental competitions in the emotional development of educational and students, as well as of all person. These three competitions cannot be acquired nor be transmitted as a finite corpus of knowledge but gets up through the experiences of each of them in doing newspaper.