Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Emotions to control the means to improve human's life, finding them happiness and enduring peace of mind. First of all, it is impossible to keep within themselves and to nurture resentment of ancient Indian philosophy of Patanjali compared cultivation process with growing resentment of poor garden. And in fact, hurt, exactly as fears provoke diseases, including the terrible and incurable. It is no coincidence. In the shower, where negative emotions have settled, and strive to settle the negative and evil entity. Under the blows of fears, excessive pride, suspiciousness, jealousy, hatred, anger, resentment destroys human flesh. After all, people, even members of the underworld in able to distinguish the good thoughts and deeds of the wicked.

And in doing is not in good conscience, they rob themselves by making health disorder lurking in your inner world. It is important to easily walk through life without paying much attention to the small miseries and minor trouble. Canadian scientists have found a pronounced correlation between attitude to life itself (or a simple and easy on the contrary, complex and difficult) and the physical state health and the health of all organs without exception. If you find it difficult to cope with the heavy, oppressive feelings, ask God to him to help, visit the psychologist, get forgiveness, develop in nature. Use all certain possibilities to the negative emotions you have not captured. If you fail to get their emotions under control, it can end badly, and maybe even very bad. Source: Success in life, the power of thought and execution desires

The Hemispheres

When we meet an acquaintance, we welcome it. How are you doing this? Surely you have one, two, or three ways that you apply everywhere. This behavioral pattern. Try for new meetings, each time to greet a person in another way – you start to do unconventional. Here is your unconventional would be achieved simply willed and some "stress the brain." Another typical pattern – a step of man. Try to walk ten different ways. There are simple and fun techniques out of a pattern of behavior – a change of activity, which entails a change of state. If you have not turns out to solve a problem at the moment – being distracted and think about it some other time.

The most optimal activity for overcoming stereotyped thinking – dreaming with visualizations. In the dream should be possible to all. Any idea will pass criticism and deserves to be recorded on its paper. Absolutely any solution worthy of consideration. Temporarily accepting this view, you will increase the flow of ideas spewing from the subconscious.

At the same time in front of you should be based on a sheet of paper on which you will write or sketch whatever comes into your head. With this in mind will go through the images and sound internal dialogue. The optimum balance state – the internal dialogue is compressed, it is not enough, the rest is complemented by images. In this state there is synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain that causes a highly efficient and state.