Buenos Aires

.. Tati said pleadingly," I promise I will come immediately, "he finished the prayer the young. Relax please. With these words stood by his side until ascertained with certainty that had been completely asleep. Then he rose and left the place by resting it.

CHAPTER TWO Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 1983. That morning, they all three together Natasha's house. They had been studying as usual all night and now were ready to pay the last review. With the field of Obstetrics three were received from medical. They were very nervous. None of the three had ever failed no matter, but all thought the same thing. Failing the latter, when the whole family is waiting to celebrate, it would be catastrophic. Not that I doubted how they prepared the field.

Perhaps they had done more carefully than ever thinking about that possibility, but could always fail memory. And neither wanted to think if one failed, it feels like before the triumph of the other two. The ride to the power they seemed interminable. While they were sitting waiting to be called to try to relax a little, began to remember things experienced in high school and college. "You remember the day I got the first and only time warnings in school? "Said Gladys Ruth. "How to forget! I think I've never felt so ashamed in front of my friends and did not want to think about how I should confront my parents. And all nonsense. You! – He said pointing to her, "You were the guilty and were not able to defend myself.