Special Education Conference

Declaration of Salamanca, resultant of the Mundialem Conference Special Education, in Spain, in 1994, acts as a lawyer that the alunado one of the special education is that one that presents decurrent difficulties of escolarizao of individual conditions, economic or sociocultural, detaching as example the children: … deficient and superendowed, children of street, who work, pertaining children of remote origin or nomadic population, children the linguistic, ethnic or cultural minorities and children of other desavantajados or kept out of society groups (DECLARATION OF SALAMANCA, 1994, p.3) As if it can observe the conception of the citizen is including, leaving of pupils who possess a deficiency or superendowment the disfavored conditions in the society. It has advanced, is defined term NEE, mentioning itself it ‘ ‘ all the children or young whose educational necessities special if originate in function of deficiency or difficulties of aprendizagem’ ‘. She is important to stand out the definition of this term, therefore, it is adopted for the citizen of the special education in the LDB/96. The Law of Lines of direction and Bases, Law n.

9.394/96; in the Chapter V, Article 58 the special education for ‘ is mentioned to it; ‘ carrying educandos of necessities especiais’ ‘. Exactly that demons to this expression possibility to accumulate of stocks the pupils stop beyond the deficiency, who does not have explicitao in the text is the reference population. However, the restricted vision to the deficiency or high-abilities is standed out in elapsing of the chapter, as the comment of the expression ‘ ‘ clientele of the education especial’ ‘ ( 2 of article 58) that in it sends to the model doctor-physician to them of the special education and article 59, interpolated proposition II that it says: The education systems will assure to the educandos with educational necessities special: specific terminalidade for that they will not be able to reach the level demanded for the conclusion of basic education, in virtue of its deficiencies, and acceleration to conclude in lesser time the pertaining to school program for the superendowed ones..

Learning Communities

In addition, we clarified that holistic educators are working for a new society where learning communities, covering a point new education with heart holistic education we need to link with the construction of a society compatible with it, should be a much more balanced society in all respects, better than the industrial society and information society. "A society would be one that had integrated the conditions, structures, institutions and other elements that make it possible for individuals, such as integrated beings, could reach the highest level of evolution of consciousness." A new sustainable economic model necessarily requires an integrated education, an education that one mind and heart, which is integral individuals, a truly holistic education. The economy, education and spirituality are not contradictory aspects, the human needs of all three to live in this world. "The purpose of learning communities is the evolution of consciousness through a comprehensive and ongoing learning. Learning communities are space conscious creator of a new visionary all, sustainability, foresight, integrity and secular spirituality, a comprehensive, profound, and postindustrial transmodern for the XXI Century. "Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava." holistic education and learning communities have profound implications for human evolution, not merely reproduce the current global culture, but rather to the emergence of a culture of peace, a new stage of development of human consciousness. "Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava. In essence, we see that the implementation and development of a learning community, provides the fundamentals of holistic education by giving coverage to the 30 quadrants of the educational model multi-multidimensionality of this emerging paradigm.

Proper Education

To move in the education, in the truth, is to change everything that happens between adults young and the influence of those on the new generation. Perhaps it has a incontido fear of the results that such changes can bring, only that in way to the fears happen the disobediences in education substance the ideas, the habits and the structures move very to devagar. It does not have alive interest or same attention for some sectors, (poverty education lack is always income-producing) to the time where if it lives in the elaboration of politics for the field of the education, the reports of the current evaluations (SARESP/ENEM/ENADE) healthful increments for itself to know at least in general way as it is to the education promoted for the public agencies, give account of the chaos and scare, imediatistas actions seem solucionadoras, questioned for educators and compared the previous proposals they do not factuam, they do not emplacam and they are predestinold to the same ones you saw previous, proposals need to leave the paper, to leave of being only intentions. There it appears to the particular school as only alternative for a society acuada between the offered school and a school that charges values to the incompatible times with the income gained for the majority of the population, this school has that to fulfill accurately what if waits of a contracted service, an Education beyond the mercantile Product, understands that to the measure that if presents efficient the cost is charged that if raises the measure of the organization and fulfilment of the legal requirements that they are citizens. It implies much more in the qualification of the team that composes in the installations and brought up to date equipment, an environment I propitiate the education, has certain minimum requirements, but a school that if imprisoned will not be limited to the minimum, it will always invest more and it will always have a vision of what it can be made to improve the service that if gives, still, but when if has in mind intention and position beyond the 2 business, the education of children and the future of them directed well with the galhardia of who dealt with lives, not only customers. We will have to observe in this work the functionality and legality of a school of basic education with objective defined in educating at the same time that a sustainable company. Without leaving of side the factor teach-learning and the factors influence that it.

The closing and constant changes of the schools of infantile, basic and average education, are the consequence of what it says the proper comment of the SEBRAE that the majority of the companies they are created does not resist to the first year of existence, and the lack of preparation and empreendedorismo of such entrepreneurs also in the educational sector. In short good part of the schools does not obtain to equate good education profit. We will observe relative factors to the Education, Education, learning; not necessarily in this order some details empreendedorsticos. To take care of the changes that the world contemporary demands and to offer to north to the students ranks in the school for politics of universalizao of education and those that differently are interested in to learn; changes have that to have urgently and emplementadas.

The Professor

However, the school seems that it is walking in opposing direction, has not folloied the celeridade of this evolution. Consequentemente has demanded professional more competent to take care of the necessities provoked for this globalizado world, in the education has demand for competent professional-professors, with this, understands it on the basis of relevance of the inquiry analysis of the necessities of the professors of basic education the pedagogical abilities: an experience in a confessional school, however, was pledged in the search and in the identification of which pedagogical abilities they are necessary for an efficient docncia serving of base for the analysis of the identified formative necessities in the school. Making then, a parallel enters both can be standed out the importance to develop the pedagogical abilities in education learning. The present study it will contribute so that the professor as a professional of enclosed education in this environment of constant modifications and numerous collections, it must be a citizen endowed with values, appraiser and formador, that really different difference and in the society makes, that is, a competent, practical citizen, pedagogical politician and. As theoretical base to answer to the questioning considered for this inquiry it could be counted on the contributions of the following authors: Zabalza (2006), Echeverria (2005), Almeida (2010), Perrenoud (1999), among others. The method adopted for this inquiry was delimited in a quantitative study, as Richardson (1999) is a type of research that makes possible a bigger precision of the results and prevents distorted interpretations. This article was structuralized in three sections. The first section is about the presentation of the ability concepts.

The second section presents the pedagogical abilities and its dimensions. In the third section it is described on the sprouting of the formative necessities and its basic one importance for educative area and as it develops itself. This work brings a significant contribution for the professors whom they intend to develop in the pupils the abilities that will follow in elapsing of its life, either in the academic, professional aspect, or pessoal.CONCEITO OF COMPETNCIAO term ability it comes of vocbulo ' ' competer' ' , a intransitivo verb that it means to belong.

Education and Consumption

The human being has thousand of years has as objective the incessant search for the evolution and the discovery of new technologies. Now it only is if giving account of that a developed world implies, above all, respect to the environment for, thus, conquering so longed for quality of life. The crowded cities, the chaotic transit, the wild consumerism, the wastefulness of energy and the absence of ambient conscience are the consequence of that without planning and education, it does not have, at least, prospection of a future for the future generations. As solution of this impasse, it is necessary that the consequences of our actions in face of the way where we live are spread out to all, and not only to a small niche of the population, so that, thus, conhendo the reality and the dimension of its attitudes, they can rethink them. In this way, conscientious attitudes, thought and reflected on where we want to arrive certainly in them will guide to the call sustainable development and the conscientious consumption. To this respect, the city of So Paulo shelters a new type of called market ' ' consumption compartilhado' ' , where consumption goods as cars and clothes, beyond rents of apartments for trips, for example, are shared by interested parties in order to prevent the accumulation of residues, the wild production and consumption, beyond the programmed obsolecncia. Of the one not to deny that the presence of an ambient education effective certainly would make with that other socioeconmicas and ambiently correct alternatives appeared in order to brake the unconscious consumerism and the impensada use of the resources, and, over all, giving space so that other models of production entered in scene.

Playing Bingo

The system for playing bingo sport certainly does not give 100% gain, but using it you will see that it may well increase the number of correctly predicted numbers, and all that you will miss it so little luck. If you do not have their the system then you have nothing to lose, use this. If you have your own system you can place it on the page The essence of my system than in water. To get started, answer the following question honestly, you ever run through the numbers … .1 2 3 4 May 6 (Not for fun and really believing that such a combination of numbers may well fall out) I think not.

Although the theory is a combination of winning numbers shall have the right to exist. That is, this combination can virtually eliminate what we do. The essence of the system in that we create the rules by which we will not guess what the number will fall to the track. Circulation, but instead will try to predict what numbers will not get in the winning list (after this will have fewer numbers of them with a little luck you will guess the winning combination) thus increasing the likelihood of success. Of course from a mathematical point of view, the probability of winning does not change.

For me, such as the number 3 which has already dropped out twice in circulation (eg 159i160) the probability of loss in tirazhe161 well, very small and I had safely excluded, and I will be fewer numbers of them have to guess the winner. But on this we will not stop, we invent rules by which we continue to exclude certain numbers in a given quantity. Of course we need to have statistics about the winning numbers. For example come up with a rule by which the number of the date of the circulation is not in the list of winners in this draw, any one who can estimate the statistics of how many of the prior editions, this rule is true. So we have excluded the two numbers. Next to come up with different rules …

Project Gutenberg

Do you think it necessary to be able to quickly print using the keyboard in a foreign language (and not just a foreign language)? Of course, the speed of writing is not as important as literacy, but I think that you are not going to argue with the fact that the ability to quickly print, so much so that it does not get tired eyes – a very useful skill. It is useful to you, among other things, when communicating over icq with foreign friends, and indeed, it is better to work quickly and accurately than the slow and qualitatively, is not it? But what to do to while working at the keyboard of our eyes are not tired? There is only one way – print, not looking at the keyboard, and looking only at the text. That is, to print quickly and without tired, we need to learn a foreign language print desyatipaltsevym method! That first and foremost, we need to print in a foreign language, without which the well can not do? This, of course, the keyboard of the foreign language, which we learn. If we study English, everything is simple – we have the keyboard with Russian and English letters. If we learn another language, a bit more complicated – we need to set our language on a computer (using boot disk, etc.). However, what we do, if you set the language on your computer is not possible, and as we know, looks like the keyboard of our language? World Wide Web has resources that can be us help. One of them -.

Here, a lot of languages and keyboards. By using this site you can print using your own keyboard on virtually any foreign language. But we want not just print, but do it quickly and qualitatively, is not it? I developed my own method of training desyatipaltsevym printing method, and it is suitable for almost any foreign language. No program, no fee, no charge for its realization you install on your computer is not required. Skill is developed in stages – within a day or two you can learn to type on the keyboard of your foreign language desyatipaltsevym method with the speed you need.

This method is dedicated to one of the video lessons of my course. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Project Gutenberg, a huge pile of books in different languages (but mostly – In English), the possibility of downloading. Wide diversity of literature. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru

Fear Affirmations

From hunted becomes the pursuer. Watch this film is mandatory. Methods of getting rid of fear are many, but effective, I believe four of them. In different situations you can use a more appropriate occasion or a combination thereof 1. Radical (commonly used in extreme situations:).

Based on the principle of 'know the truth and the truth shall make you free. " If you're afraid of something, find out about it as much as possible and do it. If you step on the way to his fear, he turneth away from you yourself, thus you win it. And the fear of losing power over you. If you do not do this, you will soon master the fear of you and your life. Zulu proverb says that if you see before him two dangers: one behind, the second – ahead, it is desirable to choose the second, as always, no matter what, you should move forward to a new, albeit unknown. Our today's hero, choosing between their fears, overcome the fact that it seemed the lesser evil. However, he won his first fear, and this gave him a powerful charge energy to overcome the rest.

2. Affirmation – a simple statement that a person repeats aloud or silently. Perhaps the affirmations – this is the easiest way to influence the subconscious mind. You can do affirmations anywhere, anytime. Simply choose an affirmation that expresses your desires, and repeat it several times. Affirmations work on the principle of substitution. At any time the mind is capable of holding just a thought, so are the affirmations is filling the mind thoughts that reinforce your goal.


The principle I will describe some personages who had been part of my history, its vision and what she marked in my life. First I must speak of me. Dan Milmam: It wanted to be optimum did not matter as, was self-sufficient, irresponsible, arrogant, but dom had one. The Technician of the college Mr. Garry: – Who works hard with me obtains resulted. Well, this age what it always spoke, but when somebody did not obtain what it glimpsed, received its total disdain, it not it had security, on its work. Tomy: Member of the gymnastics team, one of the few people who I would have to be next in the gymnastics team, but that I did not act of correct form with it.

Dory: Namorada de Tomy. On Dory, I prefer not to comment, I must learn and forget. Joy: I knew it by chance, serious it my future bigger dream. A wonderful girl, who wise person as nobody the power of the cure for the hands. Scrates: Server, prestativo, listener, with a leadership power generated respect, authority and responsibility, promoted the incentive for the experience and admiration.

For the description of the qualities he was one of the personages who had more marked my history. According to James C. Hunter, in its book the serving leader, it define the leadership concept as: The ability to influence people to work enthusiasticly aiming at to reach common objectives, inhaled in the confidence by means of the force of the character. Thus I could define Scrates. After now describing some important people in the context of history I can to start. Everything starts with a dream. Where somebody together my pieces, crumbs that if spread, pieces of me, were a fall, an error. I feel pain, but it has somebody that this joining each piece of me. I remember the different shoes.

Happy Education

When the classes aperturan new forms to trigger joys in the children and the children, the veil is discovered than the educational ones imbuidos of the correct vocation we denominated socialization. It is not more than to help them to discover the capacities that they own and that must be operated for good his. Although it is certain that many factors influence in the learning is also certain that the positive motivations in this sense appear from the adviser that directs to the group of children and children. Because of a peculiar form to be own, I have gained not only the confidence but also the affection of many children and children, within this atmosphere in which I develop like educational. But I do not stop orienting and advising all those that approach with the impulse to learn and to be listened to. There is affinity with the people without reservation of ages when they look for to learn, with good forms, mainly with respect and affection.

It is necessary to retake the conscientious aspect of which the children and children with whom we dealt in this worthy task, are human beings, worthy to be respected and loved; no in vain the second parents say to us. Then we trust our worthy and dignificante work, to reach that those beings who arrive can return to house taking with himself the good thing that they learned, to put it in practice; otherwise he will not have support nor value which can be realised within the classrooms. The educational ones we have a mission: to be apostles of the transference of knowledge and advisers of the formation of the children and adolescents.