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In addition to the print version of Brivo Publisher offers now also the teaching material for the reading promotion project for the children’s book more and more teachers access when preparing lessons to download offerings from the Internet. It responds also Brivo Publisher with his teaching materials to the children’s book Brivo flies around the world Africa “for the second grade. “Teachers can the material now in the Internet portal network learning” download and carry out a dreizehnstundiges, creative classroom project together with the Africa complete set. The Brivo complete sets a helium balloon offer a read special article In the set is included with a small bird pendant. He is sent out into the world at the beginning of the project and writes letters with his experiences of the trip the children. Brivo, said the little bird, flying over the Alps to Italy and on to Africa.

On the journey, he has many fun and interesting adventures and learns a lot about the land, people, and animals. All that requires he children, with each letter one get new reading opportunity for a lesson. With the educational material, a template for a worksheet available is the teacher for every hour. Many tasks in text understanding educate the children to exact read, or hear when the letter in the class is read. In the social studies classroom, the irrigation system can be treated by Brivo from Africa told or get to know the animals and their skills, the Brivo. At the end of the lesson, the outer form of a letter is taught and practiced. A teacher handout describes in detail the process of this creative reading support project. For teachers who don’t like print the copies on your own printer there is the teaching material of course remain both in print Brivo Verlag or in bookstores. Rainer of hands direct link to the teaching material for learning network:

Evangelical Association

“Peace education in schools – made easy: new website provides well-stocked and mostly free teaching materials for teachers and multipliers peace needs to be learned” is the motto for peace education in schools. The website peace education provides for a variety of support offerings free of charge. Teachers and instructors, as well as other interested parties find materials to the political education of young people, can get in touch with speakers and access a comprehensive documentation of the current discussion about peace education in the school. On the website multipliers can find arranged in a database by grade level, subject and specialist teaching materials. These materials are sighted according to criteria of professional, educational and peace-pedagogic kind and sorted. There are videos, campaigns, exhibitions, or simulations, which can supplement the lessons. With this continuously advanced materials can on the subjects of conflicts, war and peace constructively critical work. A special focus is on the ways of the civil conflict.

A special service for teachers is the format current hour”: a hours planning including material list can be downloaded to a currently reacting relevant topic. In addition, there is information on peace education, literature, notes to parents and students, as well as a training and events calendar on the site. There you can also order a newsletter on current developments in the field of peace education. The site is part of the peace education project, Bundeswehr and school”and is supported by the action community service for peace (AGDF) and the Evangelical Association for conscientious objection and peace (EWC).


It doesn’t arrive to the size of a company, on monetary stimuli or the reputation of the company, but solely on the initial alphabetical rank! Grossenkneten, the 27.06.2012: For many years the Klaus Resch Verlag the employers ‘conducting study. Using a survey in almost all University locations of the country, we thereby determine which factors characterise the attractiveness of an employer. “Thousands of students participate every year and list, what are the criteria for a dream job” make up. It is it the content, is the quality of life of the place of residence, the work-live balance or the views of a charming Secretary, a smart wizard? Many companies would be happy if they yielded just today, in times of academic deficiency, to this mysterious factor. We are aware of the responsibility, yes the key role by Klaus Resch Verlag, which reconcile the findings of our many years of research. Therefore, the Working Group Neigel has et. Al. moved back several months meeting and with the most modern methods of statistics once again all the questionnaires evaluated twice and the result across accounted for.

The result is not only incredibly unique, but, in hindsight, obvious on almost mystical way. So here we present the key to the appeal of an employer, the magic formula for the attraction to top academic candidate: it does not arrive on the size of a company, on monetary stimuli or the reputation of the company, but solely on the initial alphabetical rank! Let’s look at just the ranking of the year 2011: 1st demonstrated (A) udi again, followed by (B) MW and (D) aimler that is beyond all doubt, in its statistical significance. Apparently companies beginning with the letter are considered quite clearly more attractive A to F company, starting with Q, X, or Y. Successful companies choose a catchy name and start it without beating around the Bush with A, B or D, already the first graders are a term. Who satisfied is placed letters alphabetically later such as X or Y, must not be surprised, if the graduates classified him as unattractive. The finding is particularly clear if one divides the attractive employer into four groups: Group I from A – F, group II by G M, group III of N S, Group IV from T to Z. Then the first, alphabetically-strong group has proud 48 members, while the last group composed of pitiful 14 companies.

It is more than clear, we think. (“Editor’s Note: the so-called C-effect” “the relatively weak position of companies, with C” begin within Group I, will be the subject of subsequent investigations.) We plan comprehensive research on this issue in the coming year. Since us spontaneously leading companies such as the Cuxhaven fish farms and the Clausthal sparrows oHG funding secured, we expect already early 2013 with the first results).

Private Education Market Professional Start

The education agencies as personal and independent educational consultant location Dresden, 21.02.2011 – education is the most important asset which can purchase a person in life. Also the human capital for a family will be increasingly valuable as the principal in your bank account, because you can not lose it overnight. The present-day German education system but is a maze, which is in no way meet the current requirements. Confusing offers and lack of transparency are the order of the day. Finally, this condition ensures that the private education market in Germany is discovered slowly as a market for sustainability and growth. The private education market but also a billionaire market, which offers one of the biggest opportunities of in recent years for engaging in self-employment is at the same time. The demands increase rapidly after investment in their own education. The biggest problem for all seekers, however, is that they find no personal and independent local education consultant, they can use to confidently talk about their educational goals.

The regionally-based education broker closes this gap in the advice and acts as the local education consultant desired by all. The learning objectives and the existing means by which individuals may form the basis for personal consultation. Accordingly, the education agency plans the own or the education of their children or grandchildren for his customers. The education estate agents established itself as a fourth estate agents in Germany – in addition to financial, insurance and real estate agents. Who should as training brokers use? For dynamic and creative people who are looking for a challenge with a long-term perspective.

For people who want to become independent for the first time. For them, it is a great advantage that the market developed just for personal and independent education counselling, and little competition exists. For self-employed persons who see no future in their current role and only have a little fun on their work. For all those who wear the enthusiasm for education in itself and are willing to acquire the necessary knowledge. For all those who are wishing activity which not in rigid processes is pressed, can be designed according to your needs. For all those have the different notions of their income than of that which she now gets. For all those who want closer to the people ran. Learn more about the profession of education agency: BildungsMakler24 operates and markets the education portal a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and tricks. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. The available current at the same time to be all foreign programs List of programmes.

Danylleny Barbosa

Each literal, verbal or written production, carries through a sort because it is a social and discursivo work. Practical social or the discursivas ones, in turn, they determine the adequate sort. For Bronckart, the sorts are understood as all unit of verbal, verbal or written production, contextualizada, that it transmits a message linguistic organized and that produces a effect of coherence in its addressee. Already according to Schneuwly and Scheneuwly (1996, p.152), the literal sort is characterized by steady and conventional linguistic forms that correspond the necessary situations of communication. In this direction, it can be compared with one ' ' mega-instrumento' ' used for the interlocutors in the different situations of language, being differentiated by three dimensions: propagated contents, common communicative structure to the sort and specific configurations of the linguistic units that compose the text. The literal sorts that practical literal are tied with the social life, entities partner-discursivas and forms of social action are part of the communicative situation. They appear side by side to the interacionais necessities.

In this direction, it has, constantly, an explosion of sorts. Thus, the pedagogical work with the sorts gifts in the society can become the much more interesting lessons and significant, to develop in the pupils its literal ability and to contribute so that the pupil, of certain form, is prepared to make the use of the communication in the many spheres of communication human being that if constitute in the social interaction. As the literal classifications of sort they are always on to the situation of use of the text, the purposes for which a text is produced can modify the initial clssificao. Therefore, each text alone admits classification after analyzes of all the factors that involve its construction: the lingustica structure, the purposes of the text and the social situation of the interlocutors. Each literal, verbal or written production, carries through a sort because it is a social and discursivo work. Practical social or the discursivas ones, in turn, determine the adequate sort. Danylleny Barbosa hunter

Freelancing Trend Education

Current press release of project work Hamburg, April 28, 2011. The IT industry can look back first quarter 2011 on a successful. The BITKOM business climate index for the business climate of the ICT industry reached the highest value since 10 years. A full 78% of the companies surveyed indicated that as compared to the same quarter recorded rising sales. The reasons for the positive development of the high-tech industry are grids first and foremost in the stable economic situation, but also by trends such as cloud computing and the relevance of winning trends in the energy industry, such as smart, to find.

The positive figures also affect employment. While according to BITKOM is two-thirds of the companies planning to expand the number of employees in the current year, also the issue of shortage occurs further to the fore. The BITKOM poll, 59 percent of companies stated that the shortage already have a negative impact on their business lives. The Hamburg-based company project work can feel the changes in the Economic landscape. More and more companies find that they currently do not have sufficient capacity, to take advantage of the growth of the ICT industry.

There are also the growing complexity of the IT environment and the subsequent need for highly specialized external experts. We see the figures on project work, that the demand has risen significantly to freelancers in the wake of these developments in the first quarter compared to the prior year. This trend will hold up”, is Dr. Christiane road, Managing Director of the project factory GmbH, sure. Also in this month, project work, IT, consulting, creative, and engineering evaluated the numbers on the industry platforms and published industry-specific market monitors in your industry blogs. The simplest project market on the Web is about project work project work. Networked project work to freelancers and companies with twelve years of expertise and provides a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as for the marketing of all participants of the flexible labour market own services.