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Thus, we can notice that the work of Dr. Gallegos, (and that is for others to mention) that is pretty well structured, which facilitates its implementation in our context, in our reality. Conclusions with this wool blanket that we have just had on the work of Dr. Gallegos, we realize because this movement increasingly this taking more strength, as this new paradigm is penetrating every aspect of our lives, the paramount need for humanity in these moments is focused in its rediscoveryto find herself, in reintegrating with nature, with the universe, with the kosmos, but we know that we cannot achieve it if we do not start by ourselves. The question is where we will begin this work?, with whom?, when, in reality it has already begun, you have a very large niche where this seed is this spreading, and in fact have been obtained results quite satisfactory; We talked about the education sector.

That’s where the great work has begun. Why is the holistic education is a comprehensive process to restructure education in all its aspects. As a new paradigm provides us with a comprehensive framework based on the best of human knowledge. Considered the new educational paradigm for the 21st century, it has developed from the Sciences of complexity; the result has been a holistic educational paradigm, unprecedented in the history of education that is radically revolutionizing our ideas in the field of education. Holistic education exceeds the vision reductionist cognoscivista whereas the human being in its entirety, and works in six dimensions: emotional, social, cognitive, physical and spiritual beauty. The principles holistas of interdependence, diversity, totality, flux, change, unit, sustainability, etc. are at the base of the new educational paradigm with the goal of a integral formation of the human being, objective which can only be achieved exceeding the Newtoniano-Cartesiano paradigm of mechanical science from the 17TH century and which today still continues to dominate to the different educational systems.

Vitamin C Benefits

What is vitamin C? In 1937 Gyorgy Szent obtained the novel for his research on vitamin C. Since then, up to our days, science has discovered that this micronutrient, undoubtedly the most important of all, performs many functions essential for the proper functioning of our body. As we will see later, vitamin C is vital in the prevention of diseases and necessary for homeostasis, the optimal state of health. And to prove this claim a small example: for centuries, in the large oceanic voyages, many people died desangradas before reaching its destination, then did not know that this was due to lack of vitamin C, whose black, among other things, prevents the formation of collagen, a protein that protects, strengthens and gives elasticity and skin as the arteriesveins and capillaries, without them these are broken and the person dies bleeding. They also noted that men were dying while the cats who accompanied them on the ships remained unscathed. Centuries later it was discovered the cause of this curious phenomenon, and is not that unlike the cat or dog, which can synthesize vitamin C, humans cannot, with must obtain it through proper nutrition.

What does vitamin C? Vitamin C is required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body. 1. It is necessary to form collagen, a protein, as we have already said, to form the skin, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. 2 Vitamin C is essential for wound healing and repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth. 3. It is a potent antioxidant like vitamin and beta-carotene. Acting free radicals neutralization and prevention of tumors.

3 Vitamin C deficiency can lead to drying out and damage the hair, making it fragile and brittle. 4 When we lack the necessary vitamin C can trigger a multitude of problems: gingivitis (inflammation of the) gums) and bleeding gums, skin rough, dry and scaly, nasal decrease in the rate of wound healing, easy bruising, bleeding tendency, weakening the enamel of teeth, pain and inflammation of the joints, anemia, decreased ability to stop infections and possibly weight gain because the low metabolic rate and low expenditure of energy a serious form of vitamin C deficiency is known as scurvywhich mainly affects adults of age and malnourished. What daily dose is recommended, and in which food is vitamin C? As we have said, the Agency not factory vitamin C by itself only nor nor stores, it is therefore important to include many foods containing vitamin C in the diet. Vitamin C is water-soluble and is regularly excreted by the body, so toxicity is very rare. However, except special cases (extreme sport, hard professions, people with cancer, heavy smokers) is sufficient to take 2 grams a day, given that in high doses can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. All fruits and vegetables contain some amount of vitamin C. Foods that tend to be the major sources of vitamin C are, among others: green pepper, fruits and Citrus juices, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, turnips and other vegetables of green leaf, papaya, mango, melon, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, red peppers, raspberry, parsley, aloe verapineapple and blueberries.


That was was and there he was on the canvas of a painter unknown. The room was lonely and empty, except for the presence of that box of seductive and mysterious beauty. This place could not proceed the groan of a human being; at least not the groan of a being of flesh and blood. He cruised the four walls of the room view and found no traces that keep someone who had prelate. His gaze stopped suddenly in something to what previously not had paid attention; the door between bathroom open. Do to perhaps not had seen it closed when he entered the room, a few minutes earlier? If the door was closed, no doubt fit him.

But now I was there, open halfway, as challenging snickered that continue its thorough record. Who would open it? He wondered. This was a night of inexplicable events; suggestive pictures; acongojantes groans; infinitely desolate loneliness; endless corridors; outstanding colours, scary memories. And now as if something is missing, a door open when the logic of science and the rationality of the pragmatic indicated that it should be closed as he had left it a while before. In truth was that door closed? That was what he believed but could not trust his scary memory in a moment like the one that had wanted to run back into the past, pass through the prelude to the souvenir; unwind from the feigned bravery and put once for all in the parents bed but these scolded by his precocious cowardice. But he could not act. Childhood was fifty years later and their old should be reunited at this time with the rest of their elders somewhere in the beyond of where only he returning from time to time for IRIA you in estremecidos your bad nights dreams or recurrent stories of his brother mayor Rafael, whom drunkenness increasingly frequentgave him by telling the life and work of his parents since the old Egidio arrived by boat from beyond the sea until the night that mama Juana closed his eyes while he prayed one prayer so that her grandson Ivan does not revert to convulse.

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Step 2: Identify this step involves identifying our bad habits and limiting beliefs to counteract them. This is the main focus of the change, because our problem is born of bad habits and beliefs that we are limited to what we live today, so identify them already we can begin to fight back against something, given so far could not give the fight simply because we did not know against who fight, so that once achieved this, congratulate you because you’re on very good way. Now, as we identify our bad habits and limiting beliefs?, because for this you must take the time necessary to every day, during the days as needed, to make a self-analysis of your thoughts and feelings, analyzes every situation you face and identifies the way in which you react on it and how you could improve that reacted. Step 3: Search help this step is fundamental in our process, given that we are so very strong and have many strength of will, we alone can not exceed our problem, for the simple fact of not being alone in this world and because surely don’t have enough knowledge to overcome the situation. The help that we need we can classify it thus: books: must do its utmost to read books that help us in identifying bad habits and limiting beliefs, also that they provide motivation to move forward even though all possible obstacles arise, books that help us to wake up and take conscience about life. To start I recommend the following books: your thoughts create your life author: Louise L. There is the power is within you author: Louise L. There are daring you!: nothing happens author: Alex Dey Audios and Videos of motivation and self-improvement. Courses or guides: Guide to conquer goals, Jordys Gonzales, I recommend in this aspect because it is an excellent product to help us in this process.


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