Communication In Children Education

We speak every day with irgenwem – so we communicate. Or is it not? Communication is defined as follows: communication (Latin: communicare = share, communicate, participate, make together, unite) referred to the exchange of information between people and is generally necessary in human life. To read more click here: Vladislav Doronin. This need is characterized by a concerted effort, in the thoughts, ideas, knowledge, insights, experiences with / be divided and newly arising. Communication is on the one hand by the spoken word, on the other hand non verbally through gestures and facial expressions. Communication in raising children is today unfortunately mostly characterised by a continuous monologue towards the child which completely overwhelmed it and from it, depending on age, not even understand half do not meet one and disregard this monologue. Our children tell us something for it super important and we listen with one ear and in thoughts already in our next point on our tag list that must be satisfied. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic.

“” If the narrative arts of our children take us too long, stifling it as you now have I grad no time “, don’t tell the Bush, get to the point” with sets. We no longer hear between the lines of our children. The children tell of stomach pain and we send us with a hot water bottle and tea in bed instead of exploring, where these stomach pain may come. With the friend or the girlfriend we dismiss the dispute with a sufisanten smile, rather than seriously tell us about this problem. Through active listening in the parenting we can do it, things, feelings, emotions, and innermost thoughts of our children to learn who else would disagree with it us. Active listening requires respect and attention. Respect and respect for my interlocutor and his opinions.

Active listening requires that I not review what is heard and my child can say so for now all what’s bothering it, what is good, what makes him problems and I’m not fun and I review and not comment what I said for the first time. My attitude to the child just say you’re okay”, I hear you”. Through active listening, I try to understand the feelings of my child, to put them into my own words and to give them back to the child I mirror them. Through this mirror”I help my child thought. I help my child after finding yourself solutions and finding and strength his mental maturity, promotes the autonomy and independence. Sets way like me tell about it”, I’m all ears” help your child to find the beginning or to tell. Active listening is a concern and I think all the world’s children have earned it.

Intervertebral Satchel

Children carry redundant much school documents according to a study. As a result, the spine will be charged hard. The schoolboys and schoolgirls should clarify with the intention that heavy schoolbags are harmful. They were therefore in studying upright and on balls. The baccalaureate have proved that too serious bags to faulty posture control. The satchel is not only used to carry books to the educational institution. It has also a special-purpose: the satchel to meet not only his actual job, but be visually appealing, and meet the trend. “” An analysis shows that when selecting the two factors useful “and health-conscious” no function playing.

2 schoolgirls were interviewed. They admitted that they take care of just the optical. Today they know better and understand immediately who adds too much damage with his satchel. It is generally known that the DIN 58124 dictated schoolbags should amount to no more than 12% of the weight of the children. The Measurement showed that seventy percent of students the school bags were heavier prescribed by the standard. Closer look at the results then you can highlight, that especially the younger students carry much more with them. For two years has been measured for the study.

The analysis shows that every time much has been worn. Although it was a good move, by the Minister of health to provide lockers, but still remained enough ballast on the spine. Because the lockers not to relieve long out, the school had an idea: so that it will not be postural, it is rational to muscles, which compensate for the weight. During the school breaks, athletic exercises were organized so that the motor and power will be trained. How did the children on this excellent idea? You took above from the literature. Anywhere on school chairs to sit, the children sat during the lessons on seat balls to relieve pressure on the spinal column. By constantly moving seats is the mobility of the spine and Intervertebral discs are more trained. The Director of the school hopes that other schools realize the same project.Eltern for satchel shopGuardians enough selection of satchels, backpacks and co.

Educate Survey

Christmas carols no Christmas without carols include for young families: Christmas is of course for parents with their children songs as “O you happy” to sing. For voice-strong 90 percent of mothers and fathers, common singing of Christmas songs includes with the advent children. This was the result of a survey of parents magazine “Live & raise” titled “you sing Christmas carols with your children?” now. One-third of the Christmas carolers (30 percent) will additionally radio or CD player and helps with background music from the speakers. Outeten is only 10 percent of respondents as “Singing muffle”, however, and admitted: “No, I can start anything”. The survey on the parents community have in December around 1000 young mothers and fathers participated. The parents journal “Live & raise” appears in the Bayard media GmbH & co. KG in Augsburg. Young families in the current issue of will find among other things worth knowing about the parents money 2009, Tips on how to get healthy with her baby through the winter, and many game ideas. The booklet is now available on newsstands. Bayard media contact: Eva Grosskinsky corporate communications Tel: 0821 / 7004-55 54 E-Mail:

Hat Equity

Initiative of Kita equity holdings by Berlin started emits today Berlin compared the provinces the most money per capita for the children’s day care and that is a good thing, the initiative is well protected”of Kita equity holdings by Berlin. The comprehensive care and education offers of formerly communal nurseries and kindergartens are at the heart of a campaign that goes at the start of may with posters and bus advertising the site. In a participatory action, parents can show also with a photo of their child, what well protected”means to them personally. Three winning designs will be then in the autumn of 2012, on posters in Berlin. More than 30,000 children start their first education steps, which are so important for a future full of opportunities lovingly fostered in the day-care centres of Berlin equity holdings. That’s enough for us occasion, to draw attention to the importance of early childhood education and the good work of our employees”, explains Karin Scheurich. one of the two coordinators of the campaign of Kita equity holdings. We are the largest Kita Berlin, but also with 280 day care centers throughout the city we are by no means arrived at our borders”, added her colleague Martina Castello.

The equity companies take stock of their six-year history with the initiative and lay the foundations for further expansion of their service offering. We are as old as our oldest proteges and know that the first years are as important and formative”, underlines Martina Castello. The requirements for the equity holdings will continue to grow with the steadily rising demand for kindergarten places. It is in addition to the implementation of policy guidelines to create the best conditions for the combination of loving care and awareness education in the daily work. We are going to continue the future challenges with a lot of heart and mind”, emphasizes Karin Scheurich.

We want to achieve the best possible promotion of children so that they feel comfortable and learn how by itself for life.” The various dimensions of the best protecting”especially in combination with the educational mission are presented on billboards and buses throughout the city. The overall goal of all kindergartens and nurseries is to allow the children a best entry in the educational world. The different motifs in a charming way make clear at what levels, and with how much imagination and verve that happens in the Berlin kindergartens. The creativity of the parents is required with the campaign, as in the photo competition, they will be able to implement their version of the campaign motto: simply take a photo of the offspring with Hat, an own heading to think out and upload to the site. Three winning designs will be in the fall of 2012, on posters in Berlin. More info and photos see: contact on the initiative: Martina Castello (daycare South West Berlin) & Karin Scheurich (kindergartens Northeast) E-Mail: contact with the supervising ad agency: salt communication Berlin GmbH Katrin green & Christine Reichle E-Mail: Tel. 030/34 50 62 30