Special Education

Marcelo de Araujo Actual Tutorial Lino of the course of Licenciatura in ED Mathematics of UNEB, Polar region River of Jequi Accounts, BA SUMMARY the present objective work To understand as the courses of Licenciatura in Mathematics of the southwestern State University of the Bahia (UESB), campus of Jequi, treats to the inclusion of special carriers of educational necessities (PNEE) in the regular net of education, in its project pedagogical politician (PPP). We use the case study as metodolgica strategy. Four pupils registered the last semester of the course had been interviewed (two of each) and were made a documentary analysis of the PPP. As theoretical recital we cite, mainly Mazzota (1996), Januzzi (1992), Mantoan (2006), Oak (1998). Concluimos that the courses of licenciatura in mathematics of the UESB, in the distance do not argue the education in its curricular gratings. Word-key: Mathematical education; Formation of professors; Inclusion of PNEE INTRODUCTION the inclusion process consists of the adequacy of the society to the necessities of its members, so that the same ones can be developed and exert its citizenship fully.

With this new paradigm, one becomes possible the magnifying of the net of attendance to all the children who need special attention for its necessities, what she is guaranteed to them in the Constitution of 1988, in article 208, interpolated proposition III ‘ ‘ educational attendance specialized the deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of ensino’ ‘. Such process faces some obstacles for its implantation accomplishes, such as: the preconception of the society, the lack of structure of the schools to take care of to the necessity of these pupils and the lack of qualification of the professors, subject this who we will analyze more deeply. The first step for implantation accomplishes of this process, is the total reorganization of the schools, not only in its physical aspect, as well as in its administrative and pedagogical aspect, sector this that inspires to greater attention, evidenced through the N decree.

Mathematical Education

SUMMARY a condition that concurred decidedly so that the subject based this work, was the fact of the PCN to recommend statistics for the education of the mathematics. In this work some tools are presented that can assist in the knowledge calculate of it of the inflation with a methodology directed toward the mathematical education. In this direction to know and to calculate the inflation are a basic point for the formation of the citizen. David G. DeWalt will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In this work if they consider some questionings and they are presented concepts of diverse inflationary indices, as it is calculated, for who is calculated and the applied methodology to calculate the inflation in the Country. To inside work the inflation of a partner-pedagogical context, motivates and develops abilities as: to search, to organize and to analyze given statisticians. The work presented here offers some referring clarifications to the points above cited and presents as proposal one to rethink on the practical methodology and the pedagogical one that some professors still use to teach mathematics..

Average Education

The main objective of the professor is to assure the didactic unit enters education and learning through the education process. Education and the two learning are facetas of one same process. The professor plans, dirige and controls the education process, in view of stimulating and exciting the proper activity of the pupils for the learning (LIBNEO, 1994). To the professor he competes selecting, to organize and to problematizar contents in order to promote an advance in the intellectual development of the pupil, in its construction as to be social. However, it is of great importance that the professor stimulates the pupil to formulate assumptions and questions, therefore this procedure allows to know the intuitivos representations and concepts, guiding the process of constructions of knowledge (PCN, 2001). The preparation of the professor of sciences is today recognized as the critical point in the reform of the education in sciences. What if it sees is that a great part of the knowledge that professors receive in the courses from initial or permanent formation, despite can be more or less legitimated academically, had not been produced nor legitimated by the practical professor (KRASILCHIK, 2004).

The integration of the University with the Schools of Basic and Average Education and between the theoretical studies and the practical professor has not been pointed for researchers in Education in Sciences, in the world all, as one of the causes, among others, of the inefficiency in education (PCN, 2001). In Brazil this subject is in the guideline of any quarrel on improvement of education and a great concern in this area exists. Amongst the steps to be taken one it is to improve the qualification of the professors and the pertaining to school environment, come back toward the good attendance of the pupils in the public net. To acquire knowledge itself of the existence of different sources of explanation on the things of the nature and the world is so important how much to learn scientific concepts.

Ambient Education

Thus, she is evident the importance of the ambient education to sensetize the human beings so that they act in responsible way and with conscience, conserving the healthful environment in the gift and the future, therefore is known that the ambient education is a subject very little boarded transversal line in classroom. The present article will have, therefore, as objective generality to implant the best form to work, to apprehend and of if knowing the ambient education in the school, approaching and showing to the consequences of the performance of the human being in the half-environment, promoting itself it joint of the educative actions come back to the activities of protection, recovery and ambient improvement, and of potentiality the function of the education toward the cultural and social changes, that if the Ambient Education in the strategical planning for the sustainable development inserts. Add to your understanding with David G. DeWalt.

For in such a way will have to be observed the following specific objectives: to define the ambient education, that is the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment and to the healthy quality of life and its support; to make possible to all the pupils the knowledge, felt of values, active interest and attitudes necessary to respect, to protect and to improve the way – surrounding; to present the importance of the Ambient Education, leaving clearly that the Ambient Education in the school is of basic importance so that educator-professors can use it as a great tool to intervene inside with this process of the classroom and, also, with the purpose to acquire knowledge its pupil-community and society regarding the preservation of the way in its some aspects. to show how much it is basic that if it nowadays knows on this subject, mainly in the school, since the Ambient Education is essential for the knowledge, learning and socialization of the pupils, therefore works the ambient questions by means of dynamic, practical and action for the preservation of the environment, aiming at one better responsibility of the new generations Nowadays, in all the segments of our society, has an utmost concern with the environment and the public health, because to each day that if passes it is had since the planet is threatened by the pollution, and the worse of everything this, the human beings are the responsible ones for this great evil..

Scientific Education

The envolvement of the group was increasing during the accomplishment of the painting and this was evidenced well through the solution in the works, in which they had used the creativity, acquired knowledge already previously and that they had brought for the classroom. It was propitiated there from quarrels on the proposal, comparing and looking for to establish a relation it enters the thought of a pupil and the other, the teacher and the pupils. It fits to stand out that initially dimension was not had of how much the work would involve the pupils. One knows, however that they had looked for to observe the significant and characteristic traces of images, inquiring the consideraes made for the colleagues, assimilating them and decoding them, making a verbal reading of the universe in question. The experience was recompensadora, therefore the pupils had demonstrated capacity, availability, force of will and much devotion to the painting. Salient that the group of the EJA of the UNICRUZ worked with tenacity and devotion for the accomplishment of this proposal. The readings and the releituras carried through for the pupils show to the diversity of meanings and the experiences of each one of the involved ones, that they had looked for to give a personal direction for the images which were observing and if inhaling.

CONSIDERAES FINAL the gotten results point excellent perspectives and are demonstrated through the relation of the production of each one of the pupils with its daily one lived. They are also proven by means of the valuation of auto-esteem when recognizing its potential to elaborate a work that until then believed to be inapt to carry through. If to include to the group interacting of intra-organic form interorgnica disclosing still the magnifying of its possibilities social and cultural and the capacity to create of independent form, through the establishment of the relations between the Real and the imaginary one.

Ambient Education

The Ambient Education seems to be recent in Brazil, more although to have walked in slow steps being that only from years 80 it was become popular, believing that this in such a way happened for the fact of Brazil to be considered parents peripheral, where generally the innovations arrive later. For Guimares (1996), practical that they had been late the wakening of the Ambient Education in Brazil does not possuam affinities with the considered basic principles for the Ambient Education, that are eminently questionadores of ' ' status quo' '. However, some isolated acts had occurred to call attention the use of this instrument for the life in the Land, developed in this period, without, however to reach greater repercussion front to the institutions. 1.2 DEFINING the AMBIENT EDUCATION According to Reigota (1994). Before defining the ambient education that we want to make we need to have clearly that the ambient problem is not in the amount of people that exists in the planet and that it needs to consume each time more the natural resources to feed themselves, to dress and to live. They are necessary that it has warning the people the question of this controlled consumption and with each time more resources you renewed. To educate is to know ' ' ler' ' the world, to know it to transform it e, to transform- lo to know it. Such movement involves participativas methodologies and dialgicas associates the contents transmitted, assimilated collectively and reconstructed. (LOUREIRO, 2003) According to Diaz (2002) the biggest difficulty of the research-action, in its point of view, this situated one in the relation between popular knowing, or common knowledge, or the knowledge given for the life, and the scientific knowledge, or rational speech. This difficulty is derived from the fact from that the position of I dialogue puts in question the modern cultural tradition, a time that this tradition carried through a rupture with the common sense.

Physical Education

I want here to share a small estria with vocs. It is a small episode in the pertaining to school life of my former Rose pupil. Rose, pupil of a particular college was having serious problems with its notes of mathematics. To its it called me mother and it said: _Lazaro, more sees what you can make for my son, I already not aguento! we _Vamos to try, I will see what I can make? I said. _Voc goes to make the attempt, but if not to obtain if does not worry. I find that it pulled the family of the father of it. To broaden your perception, visit Gerald Weissmann, MD. There nobody likes very to study.

The father of it adjusts schemes of refrigeration, catches an old machine and leaves it novinha, but he is not fond of the studies. We start to study. The 4 hours of lessons per week were of 2. I started to pass to Rose the bases of this disciplines loved for some and hated for many. Next to this it went saying that Rose would have to dare, that it was capable, it could, it had capacity and intelligence enough to surpass its difficulties Felt in it a complex of inferiority for taking off notes so low.

Rose had been disapproved in previous year and everything it indicated that it would be disapproved of new. In the first bimaster of the year en vogue it had reached notes not very good. Therefore the concern of its mother. A surprising thing happened. Rose started if to develop, to take taste for disciplines. It made the calculations quickly, without embarrassments. I went up the level, folloied me to Rose. We pass the remain of the year studying together. I observed that Rose was prepared; the mathematical bases had been formed in its being, it had assimilated what it was necessary to give continuation to its studies of mathematics Now Rose wanted only to study mathematics. _Estude the others you discipline, therefore you go to need to pass of year? I said it and its mother. We were taken care of and it he started to take off good notes also in the others you discipline. There it was the total joy. _Acho that I go to make mathematics college? Rose said. _Veja if is this same that you want! Today Rose is formed in Physical Education and has its proper academy. I am its friend and friend of its family. Friends, with pleasure, I share this estria with vocs!

The Man

Complement informing to the reader who is necessary a basic knowledge of music stops to understand 98% of the book, in which it says on nothing nothing more less than pure music. But to not only know it, Ozzy, the huge one, but also to have knowledge on the history of music, of the rock, the evolution, the styles and its respective times of ascension, beyond possessing the diploma of ' ' language musical' ' , language in which this writing almost half of its autobiografia. I also believe that made what me to be so entertained with the workmanship was my inexplicable ability of the o to read its stories, to imagine it in a room, counting this for me, articulating, gesturing, laughing, counting to its way, relaxed, relaxed, dislxica. Ozzy is dislxico, and not yet passed 50 years of its life using all the known drugs and some, drinking all day and living a life always to the extremities. This made its dislexia to increase in surprising levels, today it badly obtains to form a simple phrase. What it confuses the reading; the reader has science of that obviously it is not Ozzy that he writes.

However some times, no matter how hard it seemed impossible, this still leaves the reading better. I do not know of the others, but I for vary times I imagined Ozzy and a man in a room, Ozzy speaking, and the man typing each word that from there of its mouth. in the words of the proper Ozzy (p 216), I imagine the man typing and ' ' almost having one orgasmo of in such a way rir' '. The fact also confuses the reading of that the majority you copy of them joined in the bookstores are translated into the Portuguese, being thus is inevitable that in some times it is not possible to recount the facts the way of Ozzy, with its language, its ' ' sotaque' ' acquired in ' ' viagens' ' for Cuba and Colombia mainly; they understand if me.