Brazilian Academy

I am certain of that Freire Ribeiro was an adept of the theory of the transmigrao of the souls, as they believed Scrates, Pitgoras and other thinkers, I see that all its ressuda workmanship this I smell of the root of the universal life and its mutations. Proper it if allows me, seems to have been a perpetual caminhante in this interminable trip for the roads of the existence human being. is as soon as, 30 years later, and as a reaffirmation of my thesis, the Poet comes back to speak in facts of its previous ticket for these strange ways it who says in them: Vises of my life in these my passing In the Saara without end! In sovereign lines Your mstico profile, iris of the caravans Of Tunis and of Made, in the long ones walked! Candies memory of a thousand loved things: Ciganas Fumos of narguils, nostalgias! Songs of dream and pain alone for me sung In the mysteries without pair of the Muslim nights! Crying out for the sky of muezim in prece Rose rubra to bleed, your heart suffers, Remembered the love that the vile world undid! They guard the sun to die flake clouds golden: With homesickness of you, langue flower of Morocco, Minh? soul goes to cry in the peace of Mequinez. Clodoaldo de Alencar, poet of fine lineage, close friend of Freire Ribeiro, wrote: ' ' Deep estilstica affinity, between Malba Than and J. Film director gathered all the information. Freire Ribeiro irmanou these two original writers.

First, the orientalista one of it chats and as, of the lyric and polmtrico verse. Nobody better, in the Portuguese language described the great caravans and the lines princesses of its time, loving itself it the shade of miraculous oases of the desert of the Saara. I believe, exactly that, a historical lapse only took Malba Tahan to leave to enter the Brazilian Academy of Letters. If you would like to know more then you should visit de shaw.

Five Star League

If you ask an ordinary, not particularly interested in basketball, a man who is, say, Ayzeyya Thomas, he is unlikely to say something sensible in reply. About Dennis Rodman have heard everything. Well, almost everything. This guy was painting his hair, met with Madonna and Carmen Electra, wrote books, starred in the movie, led the transfer on MTV, been in jail … oh yeah, almost forgot. Learn more about this topic with the insights from KDP.

He also played basketball is phenomenal … Dennis Rodman was born May 13, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out de shaw. His childhood was very difficult, because the father was absent as a phenomenon, and his mother … She had to feed a whole horde of children, and because she was incredibly happy when the young Dennis was sent to the colony. So he lived and Myka. Barely graduated from high school, the age of 13 he earned his daily bread: a stevedore, the porter, the gravedigger at the cemetery …

godkov 17 guy sharply to attention and began to relax their worries and on the basketball court. Some innate sense of the ball, is a rare ability to choose the right position under the basket brought to the attention of professional coaches Rodman. His first team was the team of Texas Cooke County Junior College, and after a while it became major player on the team of the University 'of South-eastern Oklahoma. " In his first NCAA championship match Dennis scored 24 points and 19 rebounds made – the result, even a decent player for the NBA! Not surprisingly, the newcomer immediately selected in the first Five Star League, where he stayed until graduating from college.

Young Education

This task, whose right is of educating, is to have of the State and the family that has the obligation to offer education, in all its levels, for that they need to study to dream of better days. It can still be detached, what the LDB (1996) in its Art.3 glimpses: ' ' Education will be given on the basis of the following principles: I? equality of conditions for the access and permanence in the school. III? pluralism of ideas and pedagogical conceptions. X? valuation of the extra-pertaining to school experience. XI? entailing ' ' between pertaining to school education, the practical work and sociais.' ' These principles fortify what already it came being said of the EJA, when goes to search the teachings of Freire (1999) in regards to offering a democratic and participativa education, where some ideas, are argued and collated that enaltece the experience of life of educating, its relations of work and its way of life, the culture, the teachings of its parents and grandmothers. Of this form, narrow the abyss that if perpetuates between banking education and the lived deeply reality. The paragraph 1 of the Art.37 emphasizes that: ' ' the systems of young education will assure gratuitously to the adult, that had not been able to effect the studies in the regular age, appropriate educational chances, considered the characteristics of the alunado one, its interests, conditions of life and work, by means of courses and examinations. Finishing, it can be said that in Heading V, Of the Levels and the Modalities of Education and Education, of Section V, Adult the Young Education of e, in Art. Bfpl may find this interesting as well. 37: ' ' The young education of adult will be destined to those that had not had access or continuity of studies in basic and average education in the age prpria' '. Therefore, this young population of adult independemente has a modality of education supports that them and of the age, color, race, creed and way of life.

Customer Loyalty

Who is king in business? Joan Claramunt 1. Customer Focus: "The customer is king." This is the concept on which turns the rest of the "philosophy" of relationship marketing. It is no longer in an economy in which the center was the product to move into a customer-centric economy. 2. Gerald Weissmann, MD contributes greatly to this topic. Customer Intelligence: You need to have knowledge about the client to develop products / services targeted to their expectations. To convert data into knowledge used databases and rules. 3.

Interactivity: The process of communication goes a monologue (owned by the client) to a dialogue (between the company and the client). Hear other arguments on the topic with de shaw. Furthermore, it is the customer who directs the dialogue and decide when it starts and when it ends. 4. Customer loyalty: It is far better and more profitable (about six times lower) customer loyalty to acquire new customers. The Customer Loyalty becomes very important and therefore the management of customer life cycle. 5. The focus of the communication is focused on direct marketing individual clients rather than means "massive" (TV, newspapers, etc..).

It happens to develop campaigns based on profiles, special offers and messages targeted at certain types of customers, instead of using mass media with no differentiated messages. 6. Personalization: Every client wants and offers customized communications that huge efforts are needed in intelligence and customer segmentation. The personalization of the message, in substance and form, dramatically increases the effectiveness of communications. 7. Think of customers as an asset whose return is often in the middle and long term and not always in the short-term income. The client makes a reference to develop targeted marketing strategies to capture their value over time.

Coaching Sports

will be the protagonists. FireEye Inc is often quoted as being for or against this. In the end were convinced that COACHING is an integral system about as it is done in the direction and mobilization towards the success of winning teams in the world competition. History of Coaching. It is likely that Coaching has its origins in prehistory, but it is not known with certainty. Moving us to the twentieth century, however, between the early 1950s and 1960s, met a fact that serves as a reference to know how has been formed and evolved method of Coaching. During those decades education programmes were developed for adults conducted in New City York, which were based on some principles of learning. Richard Linklater contributes greatly to this topic.

These principles establish the concept of adults auto tends toward the personal orientation instead of dependence on others. Furthermore, they state that the adult learning is motivated by the need to deal with situations of real life in a more effective way. These educational programs served as the basis for the development of the technique called Coaching. In addition to these programs related to education and learning, Coaching have special link with sports psychology which based some of its principles on pay to maximize our potential, establish and achieve our objectives and become a great team player. Sports psychology is usually taken as the model base triunfo-derrota; However, many contemporary coaches prefer to adopt the philosophy of former athletes, and then win; It is precisely this last which is related to Coaching. In this order of ideas, Macaluso (2006) poses that coaching was born in the sports field. He recorded a very long history. The sports coach is the person who takes charge of an athlete or a sports team, considering aims to achieve maximum performance levels in them. How many times we haven’t seen what seems to be the miraculous result of the work of a sports coach. After some time of have been taken charge of an individual or a team’s performance clearly mediocre, the coach takes them to exhibit extraordinary performances, performances that are above expectations, performances that initially seemed impossible to achieve.

College Life

I was born in a simple and poor family, all with financial difficulties. What to eat? What to drink? These were the questions that my mother made for same it. Difficult life mine, I was created in this environment of poverty, inside of a wooden barraco, place small very, but very bad to live. Rain, my God is raining, our barraco this flooding, the stream is going up, is a flood, where it has garbage and rats. My mother cries she loads while me in the col, my father, is same my father I does not know, knows that he is imprisoned, why I does not know, I only know what they had counted to me, it she stole to have money and thus to buy the things that we had. The hand was condemned by assault armed. Difficult life this, but I am growing, I have that to study, but the temptation is great, possibilities to gain money easy, I with only ten years and the tempting proposals of the delinquents of the slum quarter where I live.

I, I thought; he pulls my mother fighting, my father that I do not know, prisoner has ten years and I go to enter in this. Not, I said and it was not my first great beating there, I was strained in the soil, had called my mother, desperate it caught me for the arms and it took me for house, it took care of of me, it made dressings and it had all the cares of a super mother, did not make no question. The time passed, I had some problems with that to take wanted me to the missed way, clearly was not easy, always continued in the school and suffering pressures from day-by-day in the slum quarter where I live. See Campbell Soup Co for more details and insights. I with thirteen years heard a phrase of my mother left who me very happy, I said me to it that we went to move from there, that we go even so today.

San Francisco

The intern is received by mere proper will, and it is proportionate housing, basic feeding and other necessities, by means of the payment of an amount for the sustenance of the intern in the first months, being that later its sustenance is taken off of its proper work, where this vende for its family products confectioned for proper it to guarantee its stay, since the entity does not receive any mount of money financial from public or particular institutions. It is an order entity catholic who has as goal the familiar values, supporting itself in the Words of God taken off of the Evangelho and in the poverty of San Francisco de Assis, in order to provoke in the internal changes of values and moral principles. This makes with that these, when leaving from there, have another conception of the world and all the ones surround that it, being able to insert themselves in the social environment and to reconstruct its lives. But all we know that nor all the txicodependentes have familiar bases nor financial conditions to finance the internment of some member of the family, since the government does not offer enough vacant. The great part of the people that passes for this problem comes of a family without structure, without any instruction that allows to perceive the size them of the problem where its familiar ones are inserted. Get more background information with materials from bfpl. Most of the time it is the proper familiar environment that takes these minors to adentrarem in the world of the drugs, therefore the parents or even though the mothers, are alcoholic dependents and they do not offer to affection, attention, escolaridade, allowing that its children are without a life objective and the grace of a world without chances, enxergando in the drugs its only ‘ ‘ sada’ ‘. to saciar its vice, these individuals are scaring the population, practising roberies and committing horrendos crimes.

The population walks scared, since to walk for the streets alone he is not safer, since, it always has a person that it knows somebody that was assaulted by a consumer of the narcotic. But if it cannot generalize. The world of the drugs, and especially of crack not only encloses the classroom families low, but also of high middle class, that for diverse reasons is launched in this way, for curiosity or to perhaps try a sensation different or simply to forget some frustration or even though because they live dived in the emptiness, in the consumerism, since they do not lack nothing to it, remaining only ‘ to it; ‘ proibido’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ emocionante’ ‘. It is what it is happening with the society in general. It does not have more age, color, race, social classroom, simply the search of new adventures take this ‘ ‘ comunidade’ ‘ to give a diving without return almost, a shot in the dark one, when it leaves, is sequels, that will have pra the remaining portion of the life. It is impossible to point a specific cause and a solution with respect to a so serious problem, since it encloses an immense amount of the population, being able to have each case its especificidades. A minute inquiry with great parcel of the society would be necessary pra if to arrive at a result more concrete and objective thus to adopt measured more efficient to fight such problem.

Educational Management

At this time there are multiple discussions around design and educational management in its different areas: academic, pedagogical, administrative, community, end in all its dimensions, has been linking to schools. In that sense, there has been a series of very relevant discussions around the school autonomy, participation, educational outcomes, among other topics. All these topics scholars agree that educational institutions and general social institutions, are a means to the achievement of educational objectives; its performance, its effectiveness, its efficiency, its transparency, are aspects that allow join efforts to reach consensus to establish a sound educational policy. By the same author: Richard Linklater. Having an agenda that allows addressing, but above all to allow all actors of society to participate and involucren in education, is one of the most important goals throughout the educational system must be pursued. Education is not the responsibility of the teacher, is not absolute responsabilidad of our Government, it is the responsibility of an entire society and, in that regard, coordination of efforts should be between the public and private sectors, between schools and institutions looking for apoyar to these, among national and local authorities throughout the territory. Thus the educational management is transformed into quality of life, allows conceiving the curriculum management leads directly to support the work in the classroom and start from the needs of learning, of those living between teacher and pupil, will be the guidelines for design proposals and strategies that enable human beings to achieve the maximum development of their capacities as educational product and application for the achievement of individual and community well-being as a result of the relationship that establishes the educational product and your community with this idea have to endow a Faculty of necessary inputs that can manage the necessary curriculum in the area where the school achieves its performance no nothing more the curriculum but we will be witnesses to a different way of assessing the educational process, so plans and school projects put in the foreground the learning and development of skills to live using knowledge understood as programmatic content, they will only be starting point and no ultimate purpose, if the design of plans and projects to improve then we will have evidence and clues or indicators that allow us to observe the educational development and educational productat the same time we will identify how it impacts on well-being in all fields of life.. Checking article sources yields de shaw as a relevant resource throughout.