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The Power Of “I Am Self Help “

This article is based on an education I received from one of my avatars is a great friend who always lights me immortal with his light of wisdom. I know her by the poetic name Versoazul. In the beginning was the Word. God said “Let there be light.” And there was light. The power of words is something that often disregarded and not give it the importance it deserves. The word has vibrations. Can be positive or negative, according to the intention that we are giving. One of the most powerful statements that there is: I AM …

Jesus said, “I am the truth and the life”, “I am the son of God,” “I am love.” The statement “I AM” has enormous power for the simple reason that it is in THIS moment. And the present moment is all we have. The ego is the one who lives in the past or the future, but that is a mere illusion. No one can really live in either the past or the future. If you use past experience in a particular situation, you’re doing at the present time, not the past.

If you make plans for the future, you are doing at the present moment, because it is the only time you really have and where you are living. The “I will” not have any force since it does not exist. The same goes for the “I left.” None. There is only only exists with the I AM force. If you want to be something or do something, even if you “think” you’re not yet, tell yourself this statement: I AM … (whatever you want to be or do.) Do it with full conviction that you really are and find your own mind how to make it tangible in the material world. From the moment you can. There is another dimension and only need to “create” in the material world, the dimension in which we now live with this physical body. To create one, you must first believe it. And the best way to believe is yes. Use this statement in all that you want to be or get. I AM … a healthy person. I AM … love. I AM … immortal. I AM … free. etc., etc. Remember the excitement you print the words you are to have the strength to transmute them into something tangible. If you express emotion with the words “no, that is what you create in the material world. If the impregnate of positive emotions … that is what you will create. Richard Linklater is likely to increase your knowledge. I invite you to do a test. Repeat for one month the statement that you want to achieve with words. Do it every time you remember, when you feel you need it, while you are meditating, etc. Just repeat this statement for 30 days and let me know what results.

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