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In addition, for the first time in this family of video editing programs is included in all versions the intelligent rendering of AVCHD, allowing to reduce the times of rendering on up to 90%. More than 50 innovations: MAGIX Video deluxe Plus science fiction productions do not have to cost millions. MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus offers everything you need to any ambitious amateur filmmaker. 3D stereoscopic recordings can import and edit as easily as normal HD videos. And if you don’t have a 3D video camera, with MAGIX Video deluxe Plus is also possible to create three-dimensional images using two cameras. An automatic function helps to synchronize and align the two video tracks. 3D effect can be reinforced further with 3D of truth, transitions, and Dolby Digital 5.1 titles included Creator. In Anaglyph modes, filter polarizer and shutter, can be used the wizard to export artwork 3D in the desired to Blu-ray, Internet or as file format.

But 3D isn’t everything. Especially for lovers of high-definition video, filmmakers and creatives, MAGIX Video deluxe offers more than 50 new features, including new masks of effects with which you can, for example, Pixelate faces or license plates or do gradients of color in full videos. Numerous extras: MAGIX Video deluxe Premium MAGIX Video deluxe Premium provides three additional programs of high quality. The two packages proDAD, the new image stabilizer of Mercalli 2 high performance in its complete version, and the collection of transitions in HD Adorage 11 guarantee a smooth, fluid playback to fully enjoy the movies. Thanks to the Professional plug-ins such as FilmLook, personal productions will reach a new artistic level. With all this, the Premium version of this video editing program confirms once more that it has reached the goal that proclaims in its slogan, be the video Studio with maximum equipment.

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