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Busuu Now Has Its Own “tamagochi”

Recently we are talking about Busuu, one of the communities that allow us to learn languages practice. But let us be honest, many of the purposes that we, in the end just leaving them, including language learning. That is why since Busuu have not had something else to do than to create a garden lively language.

What is it? Basically, we have a garden in which we have a tree for every language we are learning, as hitherto. If we strive, each of these trees will grow as the pace of our efforts, but if we leave, these trees shrinkage. If we strive much, also received a number of giftsfor our garden, like dogs, UFOs, rain, etc..

Undoubtedly, an original and fun hitch to continue with our language if we do not want to take our trees as the smallest of all Busuu user community.

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