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Educating A Dog

There are many scientific theories about how learning occurs in animals, and each has its strengths, however in the current training the most widely used technique is that of positive reinforcement, in which we reward our dog when well has done something, it is called classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Before you start to train our mascot is not more that know how their mind works to be able to make it better. On the basis of classical conditioning, intend to the dog to associate the signal, our signal, in our case a sound with something nice. Once done, we will serve our signal so the dog knows when he has done okay. On the other hand, the theory of operant conditioning establishes that if the animal discovered that a certain behaviour has pleasant consequences, perform it more frequently. This also implies that if their behaviors do not have welcome consequences, made them less frequently.

Our first step will be teach the dog that the audible signal, our clicker, is something nice, like the food reward (positive reinforcement). We will later use that signal to indicate when something is good, and will give you a reward for it. Something more about the training that we could make clear is that if our rewards are with food, it is best to train our dog before their lunch hour. Otherwise, we could start with the training two hours after your meal. Importantly, not pass hunger, but it is not filled during training.

When we say to the task of teaching a new exercise to our dog, it must be in a quiet and family. You can opt for the inside of the House, some more or less clear room, Garden, terrace, the most important thing is that there are no many distractions since we need to concentrate. Train in a public place such as a square or sidewalk can bring us problems. Here are some points to consider when training our pet, for more information we suggest to deepen in animal psychology and training with positive reinforcement. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.

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