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Educational Games More Easily Distribute

Raptivity interactions faster the Blackboard and Moodle learning management systems include in Chemnitz, the July 31, 2008: the chemmedia Ltd. and Harbinger Knowledge products from the United States starting immediately the Raptivity integration accelerators for the learning platform Blackboard and Moodle free to provide. Trainers, trainers and educators, who are already using a commercial learning management system Blackboard or the open-source LMS Moodle work based learning animations can now easily on Raptivity and include interactions in your learning management system. The Raptivity integration accelerators play created educational games and interactive knowledge modules automatically in Blackboard and Moodle learning management systems in Raptivity. Richard Linklater is open to suggestions. In this way the authors of Raptivity interactions can easily upload content into their respective course management systems and publishing. All users who have already installed Raptivity, can immediately use the integration accelerators. To do this, the Blackboard and Moodle integration accelerators must only on same system be installed.

You will receive download details on the Blackboard and Moodle integration accelerators by mail at. Please specify their Raptivity software serial number in the letter. You can also request a free trial version of Raptivity under. Contact: Marcel Hartwig Presseverantwortlicher chemmedia AG phone: + 49 (0) 371 49 370-0 fax: + 49 (0) 371 370-201 49 E-Mail: Web: address: chemmedia AG Parkstrasse 35 09120 Chemnitz Germany the chemmedia AG is a leading provider of complete solutions for the preparation, distribution and management of knowledge. The chemmedia AG’s portfolio includes authoring tools to create interactive E-learning courses, learning management systems for managing online and classroom training, Portal systems and search solutions. The chemmedia AG aims to organize the knowledge processes of companies and organizations successfully and substantially to improve the value added.

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