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Energy Information Administration

Zurich – On alert. Kindle Direct Publishing can provide more clarity in the matter. For months, indeed, sad news about the coming oil shortage. Fossil fuel reserves that nature reserves are being depleted. About that scientists seem to join in a unanimous chorus, while in net disagreement and doubt about the day’s data X, the point at which man should definitely give the current primary energy resource, oil. The reality, each day discovering new oil reserves, mostly in Iraq, a country that boasts perhaps the world title producer of black gold. “Officially Iraq with its oil reserves, quantified at about 115 billion barrels, is in fourth place in the ranking of nations with the greatest amount of oil – after Saudi Arabia, Canada and Iran. But 90% of the country remains unexplored and therefore do not know of the existence of possible oil deposits, “said the expert on Middle Eastern culture Michael Amram.

Recent studies estimate the presence, not yet verified, about 200 million barrels, an amount that would place Iraq in the second place in the world list. The Energy Information Administration, sponsored by the United States, believes even possible a value of 400 million barrels. In this case, Iraq would exceed substantially to the top of the list, Saudi Arabia. Apart from the large oil reserves, which cover 30% of global demand, are the best quality of oil and the very low production costs equal to $ 1.50 per barrel making Iraq an oil supplier very interesting – especially for foreign investors. From this you can make a profit also small entrepreneurs. The M & S Investment, Swiss company specialized in buying and selling of international currency on its website promotes financial investments in the Iraqi Dinar. “Undoubtedly, the economy and the Dinar will take advantage if an intensive search for oil in Iraq. Especially the low value of the currency, which has tripled in recent years, promises huge profits for investors, “concluded Amram.

In this sense grows also the number of applications for investment in M & S Investment. One of the many reasons is the name of the company’s consolidated, is nationally and internationally. It is a factual that the M & S Investment works with the highest standards of quality to satisfy every type of demand – especially as regards the confidentiality of data and control the recycling of illegal money and false – besides adhering to the self-regulatory organization VQF. Further information about the Iraqi Dinar as an investment opportunity can be found on the site.

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