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Evening Courses

Intensive training for jazz and popular music of the new jazz school Munich starts in the summer term 2012 with its intensive training for jazz and the new jazz school Munich e.V. in evening courses prepared popular music on the live and Studio work or study at a music college. Applicants to the placement test for the compact training program in Munich can apply until 3 February 2012. 6 half hours per week are harmony, ear training, rhythm and arrangement/composition practical teaching in the major and minor instrument, band workshop work, as well as the theory subjects on the curriculum. The intense training a candidate when the placement test at knowledge corresponding to February 10, however is semester, occupied on four, can he already get in a higher subject-related semester and thus shorten the training time. To the participants in the examination must prove their knowledge in the theoretical subjects and play two pieces of different style on their instrument or audition. The result of not enough for the first semester, the jazz school recommends preparing to attend the induction course in their theory and their instrumental or singing lessons. Because of the intensive training course takes place on the Wednesday and Thursday night, they especially suitable as training for professionals, but also for students who want to prepare for the entrance examination to a music college. The final examinations of the fourth semester are successfully filed the Institute diploma of the new jazz school Munich confirmed the acquired knowledge and skills. On February 29, 2012 starts the training program in the summer semester. The registration form for the placement test and more information about the audit and to the teaching there on.

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