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Foreign Body Cells

Risk of foreign body cells, and what are the cells of unborn children is that they are first recognized by our immune system as foreign, then it is and be destroyed. The easiest of the side effects of this therapy is that thousands of gullible patients fraudulently deprived of their money. To read more click here: Gerald Weissmann, MD. But there is a serious danger to life and patient: a strange man stem cells can be infected with viruses and prions, they contribute to the development of cancer, and also cause serious disruptions of the immune system. Self cells, "filtered" body and die, if the immune system is healthy and not suppressed by drugs or medications. Our own stem and embryonic stem cells to survive, such a "filter" of course, do not pass. Therefore, scientists agree that research on embryonic stem cells, although important, but in the near future still can not be applied in practice.

Unfortunately, in medicine, it is easy to make a credulity patients. Professor Stark warns against such treatment. It is possible that only after several years of severe consequences of irresponsible therapies will become apparent in the form of new diseases. Evidence of the effectiveness of this therapy has not yet submitted the scientific community. And perhaps for this reason the researcher and advocate for stem cell Smikodub professor refuses to publish their findings in the scientific form, which is accepted in the international academic world. Anyone who even slightly versed in the problems of tissue regeneration and immunology, can say with certainty that the released results are not scientifically proven. Of course, today, scientists are increasingly looking to other people over the use of stem cells for treatment of immune disorders or in need of drug immunosuppression. But it should be done under serious scientific control. Professor Stark believes that the use of stem cells as a miraculous elixir of youth, or to enhance male potency – it's complete nonsense!

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