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George Orwell Escritor

If thought corrupts language, language also can corrupt thought George Orwell Escritor and British journalist when the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges decided to take his Maria Kodama companion who knew Granada, city of which was in love with, arriving at the viewpoint of the garden of the Darb, Maria stopped restless and anxious to read positioned in place ceramic plate and the text of which reads as follows: Gives alms woman, that there is in life nothing like the pain of being blind in Granada. Borges, who had read it in his youth, perceived immediately their fear and with an immense tenderness and referring to the Japanese ancestry of Mary, seizing the hand, said: don’t feel badly. Without hesitation film director explained all about the problem. You will teach me with the eyes of another East. The blind writer, had got the silent message of his companion. This passage from the life of Borges, shows us that the existence of the human being as a lonely island in the middle of the Ocean can not be understood. The self, It would not make sense without the presence of the “you”. But neither sense contemplate to self and to the “you” in an isolated manner and without any connections, so the existing context leads us necessarily to be considered as a single reality, the us.

This is the essence that gives us a social dimension that induces us to relate. The functioning of human societies without the existence of the communication would not be possible. Communicate, means transmitting ideas and thoughts with the aim of pooling them with other people. When we transmit a message, we do so with the intention and desire that can be understood by those to whom it is addressed. We strive to do so in the form and the way in which it can be understood more clearly. For this reason, humans have devised a number of mechanisms to which we have referred to as language, means that we have to develop that relationship, whereby, we transmit thoughts, values, education, ideas, sensations and feelings.

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