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The globalization is a chimera. The men are divided social, racial, religiously and geographically. In the small planet distant worlds had been created where explored and exploring they coexist in an apparent harmony. In saying of Polibus, it does not exist so terrible witness, nor so implacable plaintiff how much the conscience that deferred payment in the heart of each man. To this conscience, that can be known and be developed, the part of God who inhabits in each heart, is that each man will have to give to accounts one day, for what made and left to make; only, the true and undisputed female judge who all load I obtain since the instant that is born and that it can be extended in the process of the life through the evolution that implies the acquisition of knowledge. The question of the moment is the magnifying of the conscience that much has to see with the headquarters for eternity and the source of the perpetual youth that the old ones pressentiam and that it will allow in them to project.

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