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Importance Of Education

Education is something that receive the most many transmitting and that few have Karl KrausLa education must always be a guarantee for all citizens who are integrated in one country for the same country that must ensure through the Government under their charge, it may be of quality, excellence, that ensures that its citizens contribute their knowledge and encourage you in your development, growth.In the Venezuelan case which concerns us, education at all levels has much left to say in recent years, it has declined in its content, reaches, in what must be provided through their programs that permit to properly use potential, creativity who is provided, he has been observed, very little interest both from the ministries of educationhow makers of educational centres, to ensure that study programmes have that required educational excellence and ensure favorable results. Cause of them, is little interest in identifying with the tools, knowledge that involve to have another vision, give way to a new educational paradigm favourable.It is very true, when he says, that the educational centres each ez have been consolidated as complex organizations in which learning processes (which largely constitute its raison d ‘ etre) can not dissociate itself from the rest of the processes that take place within it and that are affected by a set of mutual relations between them. Precisely indicates, the interaction between the elements of a system can give rise to realities or properties that were not contained in Parties considered in isolation. The quality of education in our schools must be, therefore, an emergent property of educational centers that they operate in accordance with certain principles of operation that take into account this complexity. CEO Keith McLoughlin can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thus, means that conveniently acting on a number of critical factors, their interactions of reinforcement shall facilitate the work of improving the quality. Definitely, therefore it is said, that the management of quality in schools has If, therefore, global, impacting on persons, upon the resources, processes and outcomes; promoting their reciprocal actions and guiding system, as a whole, towards that qualitative state that characterizes excellent educational institutions.Schools must be able to correct their mistakes, learn from the experience, take into consideration the requirements of a changing environment and develop and consolidate schemas of understanding and action in their permanent orientation towards the achievement of the purposes, goals and targets that are you own.Of course, the consolidation of schools as organizations of quality requires the realization of complete cycles of learning and the development of self-correcting procedures which make possible the continuous improvement of their processes and their results.

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