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Juan Ramon Jimenez

He also collaborated with Maria de Meztu at the Lyceum Club: first women’s club founded in Spain, and in which Zenobia would occupy the post of Treasurer. To this I would add that it is not less true that the roots in lack economic and cultural, as well as the excellent teaching family predisposition, emerge in character of privilege and social capacity. A privilege that it derives from position accommodated in maternal and paternal ascendants of Zenobia. Direct ascendants who belonged to the most powerful families of the time, educated, landowner and accommodated in the economic, political and social, as well as rank and military career. Maternal grandfather of Zenobia was a wealthy American merchant of Corsican origin, who, at birth, his daughter Isabel, mother of Zenobia, gives one of the slaves owned by the family. The slave in question called Bobita, although years later It would be liberated and why not abandon servitude, nor the House of their masters, but that it would be next to his former mistress until the very day on which the death of Bobita separated them. On the death of Bobita would leave their belongings testamentary Zenobia, daughter of Isabel.

By whose Act reflected in altruistic goodness that the faithful Bobita Zenobia considered his own granddaughter, and both mother and daughter, inseparable companions in family altruism. Author in collaboration with editor Note: the memory of Spanish humanity has not distinguished the poet with merit or cultural equity. And to the above we must add that the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Juan Ramon Jimenez, Nobel poet exiled in life and in death, has gone without penalty or glory through the intricacies of Cultural Spain. As well as his disappearance has slipped and almost evaporated by the shadows of oblivion and the lack of valuation souvenir in the media, and even more of Spanish television channels. Allegedly because the intellectual idea of the new cultural Spain of today is to forget those men who suffered the sad story of our adored, although sometimes unfair and ill-considered Spain. Those human illustrated slid on an embankment in torment and grief that derives from random from an undeserved fate, and that several of the scholars cost life or exile. However, suffering from those intellectuals, at us leave in heritage its intellectual wealth, as well as knowledge of suffering in life and in the flesh above, coming and pasadera injustice, war, exile and a tragic post-war. Original author and source of the article.

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