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Lev Semenovich Vygotsky

Introduction. Speaking of Lev Vygotsky is an arduous and difficult. How to refer in a few lines to a “psychologist” Russian who went beyond the conventional lines of psychology and whose ideas and concepts have survived to this day despite having died 74 years ago? I think there contain text that achieves its broad spectrum of knowledge. In the following pages simply try to explain the methodology of Vygotsky whose concepts are not always well understood and assimilated and often requires not only two readings, but a careful analysis it paragraph by paragraph line by line. When someone mentions Vygotsky first thing that comes to mind is “zone of proximal development” and there we stayed. However, Vygotsky’s work is enormous and we must understand in order to go beyond the individual, we must include the social environment in which these theories were exposed and caused a revolution in the psychology of those times.

We read in the literature Vygotsky specialized theoretical conception must not only his extraordinary ability, but the social environment that was exposed. Born in 1896 in Belarus under the rule of Russian tsars and his Jewishness made it difficult to access to higher education levels. Still managed to study medicine, law, psychology, literature, philosophy, poetry and other subjects that contributed to the formation of his theoretical principles. Likewise, driving the German, French, Latin, Greek and English. The Russian Revolution in 1917 was another historical fact that within their minds and transform their vision of the path of Russian psychology.

Much of his theoretical task was linked to the socialist conception and integration of society to this new way of thinking. Vygotsky may be its theoretical conception to its ability to integrate different disciplines that dominated and that helped him to conceptualize his theoretical approach. Vygotsky’s Theoretical Approach Approach Vygotsky’s theory breaks down, from a practical point of view in three points: the method of genetic or developmental, that higher mental functions originate in social processes and the need to understand the tools and signs involving in the process of mediation (mediation semiotic). Method Vygotsky. As mentioned earlier Vygotsky used as a method of study of development, genetic or evolutionary approach. For Vygotsky psychological phenomena can only be understood if it is known as are born, grow and die. Focus is not only the product of a function. Also to note that every change that occurred in the development of these functions (“revolutionary leaps) was a new explanatory framework of development, with new forces that affected them and their own rules. This seems very complex to understand, however, we can simplify it through a practical example: Psychological function: Memory. Did you interested in this item?

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