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Therefore it is necessary to change the very young person to do it invulnerable to learn to cope with various difficulties. If we analyze the circumstances of today's children, we can see what they look like. However, some easy to live, while others are stumbling block. This suggests that it is not in the circumstances, and in the child. It can be assumed that young people with negative phenomena are incorrect, distorted mental development and it will lead to normalization disappearance of the difficulties in behavior. Thus, it is necessary, first, to determine the full terms of mental development at each age, and secondly, to determine what specific development of children with difficulties in behavior, and, thirdly, to develop specific measures aimed at normalizing the mental development of social and maladjusted students. According to the age of periodization, the specifics of each age period, and full terms of mental development in some way associated with age-related neoplasm. Adolescence and early adulthood – a period of rapid development and rapid changes in personality.

State in which the high school at that time, psychologists call "stress development." Before students are some of the greatest challenges: building new relationships with others, defining his place in the world, its significance in it, find meaning in life, the purpose of its existence, to select an area for future professional interests. These questions are on the shoulder, not every adult, let alone what to say about a teenager! Many of the kids do not find the answers to these questions. "And none of the adults (or almost anyone) can help them do this. And the majority of teenage suicides occur because once a young man (or woman) comes to the conclusion: "I have no reason and no one needs" ". / Log Educating school 4, 2003 p.56. M. Kargin article "The problem of socialization of teenagers," This period is characterized by frequent stresses associated with the intensification of educational process (school stress), with the transition to new forms of training, the duration of the training week, exams, handing the exam, professional self-determination, as well as problems in relationships with peers and parents. Often unaware of mental and physical features status of children matured.

Stress in their environment creates uncertainty about the future. High school students in the state of stress differ elevated situational anxiety relationship conflicts, the presence of experiences. Associated with a traumatic situation. The methods used by high school students in order to reduce the emotional tension and release of stress, are well known: most often it is – aggressive behavior alcohol, drugs and suicidal behavior. Sometimes, to overcome stress, modern boys and girls at all costs tend to be the public's attention. "It could be argued that at this stage of development of society one of the causes of such problems among young people, poverty is the emotional life of young people. Lack of experience of positive emotions leads to stress, depression with standing, bitterness, with the result that may be responsible for committing an immoral and illegal actions. " / Journal of Education for school 8, 2003. E. The Seagull "psycho-pedagogical support seniors in a stressful situation." Psychogenic caused depression in adolescents may be the cause, but in certain cases and the consequence of social exclusion.

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