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Always I had asked because in certain religions or cultures images were viewed as objects they had some power of realization. I always wondered because both reverenciaban them and because, Yes in the Bible said that the adoraramos, everytime he went to Catholic Church (when it was small) were not everywhere! Maybe many people Revere them still unaware of the process of how his power and diverting your attention towards something that can work on autopilot and autonomous way. Thanks to advances in science I could see as the gap between science and religion is has been shortening increasingly now understand more because the law of duality manifests itself in everything and as two polar opposites are not only the same in essence and only differ in degrees. Creo that asi is happening with the science and religion. Thanks to the advances scientists has been able to demonstrate that electrons react to the presence of the observer. In an experiment they were able to see relative electrons or dual nature to see that they were as observed asumian posture matter and when were not observed is staints in waves of infinite possibilities waiting for an observer who pursue them.

Even the electrons react in the presence of a video camera as if they knew, that even so, were being watched and, therefore, are staints in the field! This led scientists to infer that practically everything in the universe has intelligence and are constantly creating our reality, whether it be personal or collectively. Later a Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto, demonstrated through experiments with water, how our mind or the spoken and written words can affect water, even at the molecular level. Something that struck me much experiments with water, was to see how the mere fact of writing something on a paper and paste it into a glass of water, he could influence the molecular composition of this! as if the atoms of the water knew that it was what was written on the paper. All these experiments led me to conclude that practically all objects or matter itself, volitional power radiate towards the attainment of what they represent, are energy with information and intention that vibrate as repeaters to that for which they were conceived. It is not to say that perhaps we should worship certain images, no! I only mean to say that we must accept that images emit certain power or energy that can be positive or negative, of an agreement, the intent for which they were created. You will already see the use that you want to give!

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