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The accuracy of color in the monitor BenQ G2411HDA works and technology Senseye + Photo, in which there is a new mode sRGB. This mode brings up the gradients of green in color space of the monitor, making the image more natural. The level of direct contrast, the monitor is so large (1000:1), readily admits that the rejection of the use of dynamic contrast. However, it is better to watch with including dynamic contrast. Its level (40 000:1) will raise the image to the level of the road plasma. Management panel buttons are thin, half-submerged, but clicking on them is clearly recorded a well-palpable a finger click. Office of the buttons and lights are also made nice and stylish. Among the functions of configuration, of course, primarily attracted by the color calibration function. It perfectly fulfills tuning range of new signal source, the brightness and contrast. Can not but rejoice and preset images that have recently become almost standard for all monitors. They allow one-click re-adjust monitor the work as the text or pictures, and with windows Internet. Modes of gaming and film clearly define the required ratio of display brightness and tone. As is known, the general tone of all computer games is close to the cool tones. Methods of testing, we tested the monitor using a computer with the nvidia GeForce 9800 gt, with a "native" resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). As a test of content for us to act program Nokia Monitor Test, game 'AIM 2. Clan war, as well as video standard and high definition formats, HD720 and Full hd. We checked the monitor and standard office applications, such as a text editor Word. Picture The picture shows the monitor is extremely good. In a text editor to Full hd resolution we are quite free to read 4 point type font Times New Roman. Also look good text pages monitor test Nokia. Displaying contrasting lines in it was perfect. All gradients from 10% to 90% brightness looked fine and to clearly separate each other. Response speed of liquid crystal shutters subpixels in the "gray to gray" – 2 ms. It fits the image of gaming monitor. If you have read about David G. DeWalt already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On the game "AIM", where flyers are flying above the surface of the planet Polygon with great speed, the reaction of the matrix is very high and effectively. Blur fast-moving objects almost observed. Theatrical Monitor BenQ G2411HDA, no doubt, and at the highest level. When a high-quality signal, the image is almost perfect. It should also be remembered that the monitor, it is the monitor, and technology improve the image of him is not so powerful as to televisions. That is, strongly constricted video may be shown with noise sampling. The monitor, of course, gives a signal of their own image yet. The picture on the mode of "Cinema" breathes warmth and ease of presentation. Clarity on the full hd maximum possible today. The contrast is excellent, and the portrayal of tones and gorgeous. It can be said that with the creating a series of monitors and hda, in particular, BenQ G2411HDA become possible to use all the advantages of Full hd monitors for greater accessibility. However, lower budget products in no way affected the image. Compare model hd c dvi connector costs $ 30 more expensive. It seems to us, in many cases, the monitor D-Sub connectors is sufficient and there is hardly any sense to pay extra money to spare for the presence of another connector. We can say, BenQ has created a Full hd monitor for all. Description: Service & Support: Source:

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