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Social Network Businesses

The convenience for businesses are on social networks not only involves a question of viewing by users, relevant presence in communities, and building online reputation, but also participation in these portals has become the newest and most effective technique. This is because the newly developed capabilities of search engines, which for a couple of months are indexing entries in the social networks in real time. For this reason, all people Twit or placed in the walls of Facebook, for example, be immediately indexed by Google and will appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). And this is what we all want SEO: appear high up in the natural results of search engines. But this new feature has a downside. (Not to be confused with Nike!).

And is that because the entries are indexed in real time, once the issue is not posted on social networks lose their place in the highest places. This is another cause for that participation in social networks can not be sporadic, but must respond to a strategic plan for short, medium and long term. We reach the question whether nodal is possible without considering SEO social networks. I think this question is similar to that ancient farmers were made before the advent of chemical fertilizers: Should we use them to plant our seeds? After all, humans have farmed the land for millennia, without any chemical assistance and the human race has been fed on these crops. So why start using them now? Participation in social networks is a necessity, in the same way five years ago was necessary to position organic SEO a site. Simply, this is a new tool, which is necessary to use if we have the competitive edge that our businesses require. Then, we must provide ongoing training in these new technologies, and learn to use them to draw from them the maximum impact. This is really a cultural change.

This change in approach to business, the harder the less accustomed to Web 2.0 is who must make strategic decisions. Migration in the styles of corporate communications and marketing channels into social networks is well worth the effort. Recent measurements show that over 70% of Spanish users who use internet belong to any social network. And in this country, the reality is that almost 62% are enrolled in Facebook, and almost 21% in Tuenti. And not only that, but has increased the average time of use of social networks. Clearly, then, that our online activity must acknowledge receipt of such an impact on changes in consumption habits. Moreover, the underlying reason for the efforts of SEO is to seek more and better qualified traffic.

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