educate a perroComo educate a perroAburrimiento, esperasy soledad our dog each day expect you hours and hours of doing nothing. All this time you can disembark in three distinct situations.See them. We can convert all those hours in a time of anxiety and nervousness for our dog. Because our only dog willing to arrive, which in the long run will be very bad for our dog. It is the typical dog that stays crying or barking at the door, until its owner.

This causes serious behavioural problems more serious still. And also our dog can be converted in an authentic destroyer, what lengthwise will be very damaging for us and for the dog. Estariamosante dog that breaks everything that is within their reach. This behaviour gives us an irritation that just paying the dog and our pocket. It can also finish with behavioral problems, especially in the dog aggression.

Either we can convert this time, in a pleasant rest for our dog. It is the animal that sleeps and sleeps until they become owners, obviously We will all agree that this third option which is if we could choose, wanting us to us, as well, to know if we can choose.But you have to dedicate time and work: site determined at home the transport must always be in the same site – when we’re at home and we try to continuously educate the dog that this is your site and nothing else inside the House.You have to sleep at all the night and spend hours during the day. Learn more about this with KDP. We should not commit the mistake of let the dog loose House, sleep above the sofa or simply that bother us when we’re eating here I leave a guide on how to educate a dog dog, in terms of food, relaxation, games and rides, trying to apply it and you will see results. Food it is very advisable that all adult dogs eat twice a day and is also advisable for the dog to eat at the same site. Dogs are animals that need a daily routine without many changes, places, timetables, etc.We have to teach him to wait in order of sitting that we give you food and give the contraorden. Only then you can start to eat, in 15 minutes we will withdraw him feeder whether to eaten or not. It should never be given food from the table. you always have to eat after us. We do not abusaremos awards and you will always be after running any order. You should not be eating soil (us nor passer food to the ground so that the dog will collect it).If something to eat we fall and the dog tries to catch him order him not and and we pick you up.PerrosPlanet.

Feng Shui

If you want to reveal their subconscious desires, fears or beliefs, just okinte view your home. You will find that they are represented in it in every corner and in every gap. Our past is imprinted on the photographs that hung on the walls of our homes, as well as those things that we hold dear. And all these things tell us about yourself as you present yourself, and this view is based on your interpretation of its own past. Richard Linklater describes an additional similar source. Your home can be an anchor that you throw on the land where live and where to take root. Your home – is a link between earth and heaven. This is the place where your center, the earth's axis, which connects you to the ground. The soul always strives for growth and development. At Richard Linklater you will find additional information.

This is the reason that we are unconsciously drawn to the place where our house, which can give us what we feel the need for any particular point in our lives. Those houses, which we choose, often give us what we need on the path to harmony with oneself and with the world around us. Your soul is drawn to the fact, what she needs. There are no bad houses. Each house offers you in its own unique opportunities for spiritual growth. The so-called improvements to the system of Feng Shui in your home need to zapolirovat unevenness and roughness of your soul. Who knows, we do not choose whether we subconsciously their homes so that they present some issues over which we have to work? Or we have difficulties in life just because our house is not the spirit of Feng Shui? And while the answer to these questions, probably includes all of these options on the principle of 'total little bit of everything ', I feel that basically we subconsciously choose for themselves such homes, which may have something to teach.