Positioning Online Marketing

Today due to the global economic crisis, the advertising budget becomes very limited or cut, no matter that we are a small business or large enterprise. This as a way to cut costs to offset declining sales, but it is most needed now when advertising, staying in the minds of consumers by marketing can be the solution. But to protect our advertising reach are reduced, we can find alternatives in other marketing channels that will allow wide distribution with a smaller investment, as it would in the Internet, specifically the famous online marketing. ” Having a website, whether solely as a corporate image or to enlarge our business through online sales portal, is now a staple for any company or business. But as technology advances we must learn to take advantage of every opportunity that this new advertising offers. Creating a website is not enough, we maximize the advantages that this represents us promote the site, making the most visibility in the network. And the way to increase visibility on the network to our site is using a sustainable online marketing, such as organic positioning. Professional Positioning – how to position your website organic results appear in the lists of search engine results (google or yahoo) on the left side of the page.

Having excellent site, very visually appealing will not be very useful for attracting sales required. You must first appear in results lists for searches of these potential customers. It has to be seen, your site should be positioned, especially in Google (which is the most used browser in the world). Hear other arguments on the topic with Vladislav Doronin. And this can make your own, studying the issue: Positioning Professional and it costs will be minimal, or you can use the services of a professional and yet their costs will be lower than any advertising campaign and its results be durable. I invite you to explore a bit more about this issue and take it into account as his next effort to gain customers, attract and keep sales costs.

Kamran Butt Of New Director Operations At Esc Interactive Hamburg

Performance marketing specialist directs the operations of the Hamburg-based marketer of Hamburg, 06 may 2013 the esc interactive GmbH from Hamburg writes an another, very important chapter of the fledgling company’s history. The 2012 based technical agency brings one of the most famous heads the German digital-native generation with Kamran butt in your online marketing team. With the appointment of Kamran butt the esc interactive Hamburg will be used a particularly sustainable industry signal to the Director of operations: the 21-year old, who excelled as a competent professional speakers for affiliate marketing and optimization is one of the promising young talent in the German online marketing business. Butt, who was already in the past two and a half years at evania in Berlin in a managerial capacity, the complete operations of the Hamburg fish market-based agency is responsible for since May 1. Whether in the display advertising or affiliate marketing: at esc interactive are founded half a year ago continuous expansion.

With Kamran Butt now hires a prominent exponent of the new generation of online marketing professionals. In the face of rapidly advancing developments and findings in the area of the monetization of user data and information (big data) butt as one of the emerging Young marketers in the D-A-CH region will put his personal stamp on especially the sales activities of the esc interactive and their skills in the areas of media buying and real time bidding (RTB). No wonder that the commitment by Kamran regarding butt as another milestone in the young history of esc interactive Hamburg, as CEO Michael Breukel stressed: “whether of young climber or old Fox of the industry, expertise and personal success are not a question of the age of the character. Anyone who followed his personal goals such as our new Director of operations with such passion and consistency, can move a lot in online marketing. Thanks to his reputation, but also his outstanding skills as a speaker and big data specialist, is Kamran butt already now many decision makers online Known industry. All the more I am, that he will be a first-class business card of our House and the whole group of esc now.” The esc interactive GmbH is on almost all B2B channels of the display present with a particular focus on strategic consulting and marketing of display media advertising. Furthermore, the Agency is responsible for the affiliate marketing activities of the esc mediagroup including targeting and retargeting analysis. Interactive esc: Esc interactive GmbH, based in Hamburg is a specialist provider of display advertising with a focus on performance, trading – and branding campaigns.

ESC interactive was founded by Christian Erhardt, Wolfram Seipelt and Recep Cot, Managing Director of esc mediagroup GmbH, in December 2012. As a specialist agency offers esc interactive in-house solutions for mobile, video and display ad campaigns. According to their motto “OFFER SALE SAFE” esc interactive strategic consulting and marketing reach strong CPC and branding campaigns.