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Antonio Carlos Same

She follows above a simulation with an edge 10% in the reduction of the costs in relation to the purchase of parts for maintenance, where a reduction of R$ 32,250 can be noticed, 45 to the year. So that the company obtains to get a reduction in its costs of purchase of parts, the same one must start creating a new wallet of suppliers, prospectando new business-oriented chances. According to Antonio Carlos de Paula (2010, P. 43), ' ' The increasing complexity technological of the fleet he has been one of the responsible factors for stimulating the transporters to adhere to them you contract of maintenance or ace guarantees estendidas.' ' For this she is necessary to create programs of allegiance with suppliers of parts and accessories so that it obtains, through partnerships, a price reduction. With the implantation of the plan of preventive maintenance, the company will be capable to identify possible damages before exactly that they come to aggravate itself. According to Emerson Alves Da Silva, mechanic of the company in study, can itself be prevented great damages with the implementation of the preventive maintenance; some examples would be: to verify the water hose of the radiator that is in charge cooling the engine, therefore a time that the same one if breaches, cracks or pierces, the engine if overheats and can come to cast. Another example would be the verification of the canvases of brakes, therefore if the same one to arrive at the end and will not be detected, the skid of the brake will go to damage the drum, being then necessary to change beyond the brake canvases tambores generating one well bigger cost of what of normal. Adding the part and fuel economy that the company in study will be able to get in the next period in case that she programs the plan of preventive maintenance, the same one will reduce its cost in R$ 50,150 approximately, 35 to the year, this on the basis of a simulation of reduction in 10% on of the existing costs already with maintenance and fuel.

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