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Benchmarking drift of the Benchmark word, that wants to say espionage, that was used for the first time in World War II, due to great armament search, that is, when an armament or strategy was traced for one of the sides in the battle, the other searched to discover and to neutralize the actions of the enemy. For Chiavenato (2004): Benchmark means an excellency standard who must be identified, be known, be copied and exceeded. It can be internal (of another department, for example) or external (a competing company). The Benchmark serves as reference guide. To understand itself what it wants to say this small espionage, we must bring for the reality that surrounds in them. Let us say that you are an entrepreneur of a small company in the city of Formosa-GO, and has the dream to see its company to grow and to be leader in the market.

Entrepreneur is the individual that possesss an attitude of fidget, ousadia and proactivity in the relation with the world. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gerald Weissmann, MD offers on the topic.. This position, conditional for personal characteristics, the culture and the environment, favors creative and ccomplishing the interference, in the way, resulting in economic and social profits. To be enterprising means, above all, the capacity to carry through new things, to put in practical proper ideas. entrepreneur, in general, is motivated by the auto-accomplishment and the desire to assume responsibilities and to be independent. It considers irresistible the new enterprises and always considers creative ideas, followed of action. But, for this, it is important that you define the objective of the business, what you intend to make to develop it. Which the results that you intend to reach. To analyze the conditions of the market, that one that you take care of today and that one that it intends to take care of in the future. Its position in relation to its competitors and its suppliers clarifies which.

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