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Arguments: Weapons Of Courage

If the arguments are the weapons of the brave, we can deduce, from whom are the weapons of physical and psychological violence. Countries that have suffered the horror of war, have realized that this road only leads to the indiscriminate destruction, pain with deep wounds without scarring, and that the best way to share the power and wealth, is competing commercially, with creativity, ingenuity, and without harming the environment. Despite this, there are some leaders who are wielding the weapons of corruption, which are destroying peoples to trickle and mercilessly, and others who are arming and inducing poor gullible, who have nothing to lose to carry a gun to defend a lost cause, or suspected thieves kidnap of her dreams. There are also those who use all weapons. Sure, it's easier to hide behind the image of "honorable" servant of the state, or impenetrable mountains. The two specimens have the same form of attack by surprise. And worse, are shown as victims to the general public because they are "slaughtered men of peace, democracy advocates (read: democracy such as the ability to handle the ignorance of the people)" or "defenders of the exploited, victims from the clutches of commercialism." Both types of leaders have only one purpose: personal power, by the economic factor, regardless of the medium they use, or who harm them. Leaves much to be desired the poor image of these characters, do not even have the courage to shed the costumes, or out of hiding to defend a case with intelligence, to improve health systems and mass education, create jobs productive to make people get their livelihood with dignity and not through alms offered by or through hired killers populism. Surely it is so little, wasting the possibilities of acting well, and feel unable to achieve their objectives by other means.

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