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Francisquillo Martinillo

One of the characters who had outstanding participation in the conquest of ethnic Tumbes, Tallan, Huayacundos and general huancapampas and Inca state were no doubt the performers. These characters were mostly merchants or condition caracas children were developed in a lexical level, that due to the nature of his office (in the case of merchants) and their education, social status and lifestyle (if of the children of the chiefs). The first contact with the Spanish with a native population belonging to the call Tahuantinsuyo occurs in 1527, when the pilot, Bartolome Ruiz, having spent the bay of San Mateo spotted a raft driven aa candle where a more than twenty Veny due hombresa north. The raft was caught merchants or natural traffickers Tumbes (some say they were merchants Chincha) and went to trade with other peoples of the Ecuadorian coast. Undoubtedly these tratantesa should possess knowledge of the language of the people with whom exchanged and traded: the Puna, blanket, Huancavilcas, Atacames, etc. The Spanish took a three Indians and other hechoslos asy same ground to go away and the three remaining Tongues He held them good treatment and truxulos consigoa Another version says Bartolome Ruiz crew took him six a people to learn the language of the indigenous traders espanolesa These were renamed with the names of Felipe, and Francisquillo Martinillo. To broaden your perception, visit Gerald Weissmann, MD. They were the first ladinos the new state. Certainly it was they who led the discussions and inquiries with the Indians of the Puna, Tumbes, Paita, Sechura and Lambayeque. .

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