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City still there awaiting the arrival of autumn while that man’s soul is still dozing, numbed by a society where there is custom of escape from the problems, the priests have lost their influence in favour of psychologists, which are depositories of our fears, fears, dissatisfactions and various phobias. People take refuge in a continuous loop of your home to work and vice versa, little more, some good-hearted souls spend a little of your time selflessly to others, but as that does not sell does not come out in the news, nor in the radio, or in newspapers, which have become a machine replicate news prepared by an agency where everything is asepticimpersonal, cold and photocopying. All newspapers share the same news and even the same ideological approach always silencing what they consider that does not sell and that the information is also a business, as you can be the sale of blinds, or serve coffees we are going towards a society equal in all respects, press also is going equating by Unfortunately loses the critical spirit which assumes them to form opinion. All every day is closest, originality is lost, everything is each day a little more gray and less conspicuous, although one to strive in being provocative joking with something as serious as religious beliefs to make humor. The striking thing is not to criticize the powerful hoping that this do some favor that benefits one who makes the ball, everything is submission by all sides.

If someone tries to be critical is called radical, now fashion is the different cornering and disqualify it. Everything is or white or black, none of the media terms that’s not going with the society today, sleepy, happy pending the arrival of the weekend to flee from all soccer for criticizing a type that it goes black I don’t understand some things that happen to our around that interest there is in that everything is the same, if the fun and colorful is that there are different things, various ideas for not seeing it all grey. It seems that think differently is insane and so we must eradicate any possibility of critique..

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