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Important Training

The training process is a tool used to improve personal and business; in order to implement an in-house training first needs detection should be to know to whom the training is applied if the company or a Department in specific. These needs are being detected through questionnaire, interviews, etc. Become staff linked with the lack or deficiency of the organization. Implement training programmes has substantial benefits q are of great importance both for the company and for personnel working in it; training is very important to ensure better productivity, to accomplish this personnel carry out their activities with satisfaction since this will bring benefits to the company and the company trabajador.* will have an economic growth * worker: be able to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes, to develop their skills will have greater effectiveness for developing its efficiency and its effectiveness, and being cash in your work is going to perform with quality and at the same time is going to be productive; their attitudes in developing employee will be updated, is exceeded, be formed and be trained on a voluntary basis, one of the goals of the training is the overcoming of the staff, give them the opportunity of development through a specialty, master’s degree or doctorate as the case may be, the personal benefit to the worker is to be trained you will have the opportunity to occupy a level most high within the organization. To carry out the training there are different ways of applying it as they are as follows: movies slides conferences exhibitions symposia by: Oscar bathrooms Sanchez student of the specialty in administration of RR.HH. in the original UCLAH author and source of the article.

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