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Relation of the Practical Theory and of education in the Perspective of the interdisciplinaridade ANALYSIS OF the BOOK the didactic book of PORTUGUESE: LANGUAGES (2003), of William authors Robert Cereja and Thereza Cochar Magalhes, indicated for the education of average level, only volume distributed by the ministry of the Education to the all the schools of the public net of education, present complete content that involves language, literature, textualidade and grammar. The content programmarian of the book is divided block-type of studies what it facilitates for the professor the succession of the subjects to be boarded, each treat block has its peculiar characteristic. To if observing the first unit of the book the contents to be boarded deal with the language, communication and interaction, what depending on the applied methodology it calls the attention the pupil for the explanado content, this construction around the language and its variants assist more the construction of coesos texts and coherent, this unit introduces something referring to literature and its concept, and sorts worked from the creation made for the proper pupils of the varieties of sorts. In the second unit it is presented literature in itself and the schools that had in such a way given to beginning to this movement in the world as in Brazil, in sequence to the literal productions, the use concepts reflection of the language for the construction of a creative and objective text coeso and coherent they are boarded of form, what the professor leads to approach as primary form the argumentativo text, its concept and adequacy semantics to the end of the unit the grammar that comes to give necessary support in the literal constructions through the linking components. The third unit of the sequence the literary schools and emphasizes the construction of the argumentativa writing, however it emphasizes the graphical rules of acentuao and the correct application of the verbs. .

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