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Professional Education

(MARANHO, 2007). It is understood, however that the reality of the state schools that work with Integrated Average Education to the Professional Education extremely distant of is above cited. The pupils of these centers do not make use of the minimum necessary (the deficit period of training, for example) to exert its qualification second while technician and on the other hand directs itself for a picture of room in relation to the vestibular contest, placing it in plain in its pertaining to school life. The legitimation of all the processes and procedures related to the education necessarily is tied with the values and the objectives of the construction of a society where the people can find subsidies for its emancipation (SEVERINO, 2007). Cabral (2006) indicates that the school is a space where the competition and social comparison exist, where the failure cause affliction it modifies autoestima insidiosamente. Generally the competitive pertaining to school systems improve autoestima of those where it already is high. In contrast, the not competitive systems value little autoestima of the good pupils, but they improve of the bad pupils. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gerald Weissmann, MD by clicking through.

In these not competitive systems the successes are not valued, nor the failures are punished, even so are very salient. The phase that we are beginning to necessarily cross individualiza for the predominance of the intellectual devices of the work force, in special, of that one in formation process. It is treated today, at least in the sectors most dynamic of the world-wide economy, to not more explore the hand of the worker, but its brain (BRUNO, 1996). Few would deny today that the educational processes and the more including social processes of reproduction are closely on. Consequently, a significant reformularization of the education is inconceivable without the corresponding transformation of the social picture where practical the educational ones of the society they must historically fulfill its vital and important functions of change (MSZROS, 2005).

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