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Avon Running Berlin

30 Women’s race in the fight against breast cancer in Berlin. 01.May 2013 starts the 30 Avon running women’s run in Berlin. It is the largest women’s race of in Germany to a record number of visitors is expected this year on the occasion of the thirty-year anniversary of 20,000 participants. “Avon supported the women’s race, since 2005 under the slogan running against breast cancer” is, as the main sponsor for many years and draws attention to the most common cancer in women, breast cancer, so. The cosmetics group itself has long been committed to the breast cancer screening and is committed to a better education and screening. Because breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Statistically recorded about 72,000 new cases and 17,000 deaths in Germany. Earlier, a breast cancer is diagnosed, the chances of recovery are better.

Avon supports various breast cancer charities through the sale of special solidarity products and collecting donations. Way among other things of each Participants of the women run a certain amount of the entry fee to the Berliner Cancer Society e. V.. The event takes place in the Berlin Tiergarten, start / finish straight located on the street of the 17th of June, between the Brandenburg Gate and victory column. The walking route leads through the Tiergarten, where depending on the mood and can run models are offered the runners: in addition to the classic run with or without timing power – and Nordic-walking in various lengths are offered.

The Bambini-run for the little ones and a colourful supporting programme complete the event offer. As a special attraction, a Pink Cadillac will provide for sensation, who informed about the benefits and earning potential than Avon calling. Also, the popular actress Nicole Bottcher on-site will be and cheer on the runners in the service of the good cause. Nicole Bottcher is a large audience circle known for her portrayal of Sandra Behrens in the ARD success series Marienhof”and many other TV roles. As a special thank you all runners will receive a bag with attractive Avon articles and an event T-shirt. The event concludes with the award ceremony of the 10-km run. For more information see PRSuite/ Women Avon with an annual turnover of nearly US $11 billion is Avon the company for women all over the world number one in the direct sales of cosmetics and beauty products and jewelry and accessories. In addition to care and beauty, Avon offers women also prospects for professional self-realization and more economic independence. The chance to come to business success as Avon consultants and independent representatives worldwide use about 6 million women in more than 100 countries. Avon’s product line includes beauty products, fashion jewelry and clothes and such well-known brand names as Avon color, ANEW, skin-so-soft and Avon solutions.

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